One Way Friendship

I writhe at this part

Where I scratch up an excuse for another day

It's easy for you to find your way

Here, to this place, to my heart

Waiting, ever, for that final embrace

Just be friendly, and I'll hope always

You're wrapped up in your own thinking; I'm always

Thinking about how much of a part

The future will play in who can share such an embrace

If roads will come together, paths diverge, or simply remain as it is this day

The best future is reverberating in my heart:

Friend, and I want it more each day

I don't want to go a separate way

I want to have a companion, always

I don't think you understand what I mean by heart

It is the beating thing that pauses beside yours at that one part

When we aren't two, that part of my day

Where we share positive energy in our brief embrace

I need that, I need that energy, that embrace

But I can't stand it all the same, not knowing the way

Always wondering if you build your day

Around what we say. But it's not like that, I'm always

Dreaming and coming no closer-- years at this same part

Yet you somehow sink farther into my deepened heart

The crimson, beating, pausing-when-you-near heart

The one that takes a position to the side to match yours in an embrace

The one that beats beside yours in the rain--I love that part...

I want to love you, too, because you brighten my way

And in the pitch I try to find you, always

But it seems like forever I've been looking for the light of day

We're always separate, and at the end of the day

We are each with our own heart

Not really pausing-- pumping, I know, always

It seems a misuse of energy, for a truly hollow embrace

When there is no way

Not when one wishes no part

Still... I'm always anticipating that embrace

It makes it a better day if I see you in my way

You have at least a shallow den to your own part of my heart.

The End

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