Ten Years Today

A dense fog hung over the barely visible castle wall as a sound of metal scraping across cobblestone filled the still air. An imposing Knight clad in dark demonic armour steadily walked towards the castle wall. A long shining blade rested on his back with several other blood stained armaments rested by. The knights breath could be heard through the armour;  deep breaths that drove fear into the hearts of braver men. Vapor from the knight's breath leaked past though the metal grate that hid its mouth. Although the knight’s eyes could not be seen through the knights facial armour a dim red light seemed to pierce through the shadow behind the mask. Before the knight stood a proud wooden door that was reinforced by thick steel bands that had many battle scars. The knights armour pierced through the silent air as it rattled. The knight’s blade was drawn and its graceful path made a whipping sound through the still air before its edge collided with the door violently filling the air with sounds of splintered wood, the door fell before the knight.

With steady breaths the knight tread forwards the sound of the knights boots filled a cobblestone courtyard. Several castle guards readied themselves unprepared, and shaking in fear as the knights steps came ever closer. The metal sound seeming to summon death itself as the Knight pressed onwards for the dense fog. 

"Step no closer!" The captain of the guards voice rang out through the dense fog as if it was beacon of hope. The knight pressed on pushing aside the frightened men.  The captain a braver man took a step closer drawing his own sword that shimmered in the dull light, " I said no closer!"  The knight exhaled in response and swung his sword against the ground to demonstrate his power. The cobble stone buckled underneath the shear face as a large crack appeared along the surface of the courtyard. The air around the knight swirled violently as the dull red from the shadows of it's helmet stared into the captains green eye piercing the man's resolve.

"I cannot let you pass here, it is my duty and I will die before forsaking it." The captain said his former resolve broken but he still pushed to be strong. The knight charged at the knight before the captain could react his body hit wall in a bloody mess a cut covering most of his torso as blood poured from hit in some places you could see right through the cut and make out where his body started and where the blood stained wall began.  The knight continued up a set of stairs while the captain drew in his last raspy breaths, barely aware of what just happened to him.  At the top of the stairs another set of reinforced doors awaited the Knight who cut through them without issue, a blast of warm war greeted the knight as he pressed on through a torch lit hall with grand portraits and bright red carpet, the fog followed him as he made his way through the hall. Echoes of laughter filled the hall. At the end of the wall awaited a suprised King, and queen along with loosely armoured men who's smiles faded faces and were replaced by looks of terror. 

"You're supposed to be dead." The king said with a kingly composure that showed no fear of the knight. The knight’s breath filled the dining hall. 

"Ten years today, I stood in this same spot as a man of honour who defended your blood soaked honour. An honour built up on lies , deceit and murder. Ten years today my life and soul was taken by your demonic brethren. I learned this in the world of the dead and I have returned to avenge myself and this Kingdom you have darkened, and soiled with your corruption.  Now stand up and face your demise, or feel the wrath of thousand dying suns." The knights dark voice sounded as if it was reaching across impenetrable barrier between life and death yet it filled the room and filled the brave warriors who sat among the table with a terrible fear. However the charged the knight to protect the king. They fell at the knights feet in seconds unable to see what they had done wrong. 

"Your death will be quick if you accept willingly." The knight offered stepping over the slain men as the fog wrapped itself around the knight’s feet.


The End

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