I made sure I was far away from the anthill and I curled up into a ball, there was no hope now the sun had gone down. I should just wait until morning.


Finally morning came, I had bites all over me, I was cold and had had very little sleep. I spun round and decided to head north. I walked for a few minutes, and all my summoned up hope vanished, there was nothing. I stood still for a few moments and looked around again, at that very moment I decided I hated my life. Every good thing I had had, was gone. I began to walk around in a daze, replying parts of my life which I had done wrong. I stopped dead in my tracks, over on the horizon was civilisation. I smiled to myself and began to jog towards it, I was hungry and thirsty.


An hour later, I was there, amongst busy people. By asking someone I found out I was only a few kilometres away from my town, I hitched a lift with a friendly old person and a few minutes later I was back home. I grabbed a drink and took myself to bed. After all that had happened yesterday I fell asleep almost immediately.


“Zack!” my mum came into my bedroom, “you’re still asleep?”

“I had a rough night,” I replied,

“I’m going out to town, see you later.” She said from the edge of my bedroom, I nodded and she smiled at me. “Have a good day,” she said and with that she left. I got out of bed and checked my email, Violet hadn’t contacted me and so I gave up. She was over me, I just had to get over that. I slouched on my bed and shifted my laptop away, I had to take my mind off things. I picked up my phone and began to toss it up and down, I needed a job.


“Hello, I’m enquiring about becoming at waiter,” I said into my phone,




“Eighteen, almost nineteen,”

“How long will you be able to work for us Zack?”

“A good few months, I have no plans,”

“No university?”

“I could apply, I guess. I had a long term girlfriend, we had our future all sorted out, now that’s been destroyed I have no plans… yet.”

“Okay I didn’t ask for your life story. You see we just need to know, we don’t want you wandering off in a few weeks. In actual fact we’re quite short of staff, so your help will be much appreciated. Hey Zack why don’t you come round now and I’ll see what we can do. Just come into the kitchen and ask for Randy.” I put the phone down on Randy and smiled to myself, -getting a job – check. I stood up, re-dressed and headed to the local restaurant. On arrival I noticed a group of waitresses in the corner of the kitchen on their lunch break, one came over,

“Hello, my name’s Amy,” she grinned broadly, “You must be Zack,”

“Hey,” I said offhand,

“Randy said you were coming to work here, and boy do we need a decent guy around to help us out. The only other waiter here is Edwin.” She looked to the side at a guy with ginger hair, acne, glasses, braces. He was playing chess by himself on the floor. I looked back at her,

“He looks nice,”

“Well, he’s nothing compared to you, do you work out?” she touched my arm. “I’m not interested,” I said blankly, she looked disappointed and quite embarrassed as she walked away.


A few days later, I had got the hang of the job. Amy was actually quite nice, so were all the waitresses but they soon understood about my situation and after a few days none of them came to flirt me. It was that Saturday when I got a call from Violet.


The End

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