Moonlit StrollMature

Over the next five days, I had too much homework for me to have time to contact Zack and, frankly, with Connor there constantly popping into my room to give me a random compliment, I forgot.

On Friday night, at ten o'clock, Connor wanted a tour of the grounds. He was inspired by the concept of a moonlit stroll to put words together to form beautiful love poetry.

"The stars in the sky

Are the lights in your eyes

Enchanting, you're belle,

I'm under your spell

Lead me to your home

 'Tween Greece and Ancient Rome [Apparently this was romantic because the places were amazing but I suspected Rome merely maintained the rhyme of the poem)


Into a maze, I'll follow you, love

Into a corner from where soon will fly a dove

Read me, complete me, oh part of my soul

And I'll be a pet, obediently lapping kisses out a bowl

And throughout it all, we'll be writing great prose

And after it all, I'll kneel down and propose


Marry me, marry me, seraph so pure

The pain when you're gone I cannot endure

Teach me your ways so I may shine too

And we can be the sun in those skies cloudless and blue

You'll forever be my sanctuary

When you tell me truthfully that you love me."

I looked up at Connor with tears in my eyes.

"Oh, Con, that was phenomenal. I wish I could love you."

"You can, Vi," he said quietly and chased away the faded memory I couldn't quite play back with the intensity of his gaze.

I found myself closing my eyes as he leant down and kissed me.

Fireworks exploded,

My heart imploded...

All else was forgotten

As Connor wrapped me in soft, warm cotton

He sang me a song

That made me cry

And now we dance on

Into the night...

The End

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