Taste of BetrayalMature


After showering and having a nap I ambled into town at lunchtime. I needed some food and mum had sent me out with money and a list, she had told me that if I bought all the food on the list, I’d have the rest of the money for myself to eat out. Of course I wanted to eat out with Violet, but I knew that was off the agenda until her Grandparents cooled down. I decided to have lunch first before shopping, so I wouldn’t have to carry around all the bags, I walked through the centre of town looking across at all the restaurants and cafés. I found a small café opposite a big restaurant and decided to sit down outside,

“What would you like sir?” asked a pretty waitress, she was young and had fresh skin,

“What do you have?” I asked glazing over the menu, “No, actually, what would you recommend?” she blushed,

“I quite like the sandwiches; the BLTs are nice,”

“Get me a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato then, oh and a lemonade.” I smiled. She nodded and hurried off, I leaned back and looked over at the packed restaurant opposite, it was notorious for bringing in the rich people from the neighbourhood. If I hadn’t met Violet’s Grandparents under the unfortunate circumstances at her house, I’d most probably have found them in here. I looked across the street at the tables near the window; it was where Jade and I used to sit. I swallowed. It was where we’d sat the night she’d disappeared, I hadn’t been back since. I saw a beautiful girl in the window with a date, the girl had long blonde hair like Violet, I sat up, she looked practically identical. I stood up just as the girl brought my sandwich and drink, I knocked her,  the sandwich and drink went everywhere, covering me and the girl and a few other people.

“I’ve got to go! I’m so sorry,” I said knocking over my chair in the hurry, the girl stood there in shock covered in lemonade. “Sorry everyone!” I called and sprinted away from the window, I couldn’t let Violet see that I saw her. I ran to the beach and sat down panting, she’d moved on, already. Once I’d got my breath back I began to feel the pain in my chest, the feeling of betrayal, and this felt worse than with Jade because Jade had told me in person. Violet had been lying to me. They obviously had known each other for a while, she had been leaning right into him and they were having an intimate conversation, obviously he was rich and a favourite of the Grandparents. I got up and kicked over a sandcastle in anger and sadness. The child ran off crying, the worst part was I didn’t feel any better, I went back to my car and drove. I didn’t know where to, I drove aimlessly for a few minutes, a very therapeutic drive, suddenly I found myself in Jade’s neighbourhood. I allowed myself to drive past her house, I turned round and drove back. Knowing that I would knock on her door I thought I may as well do it before I ran out of gas. I got out the car and walked up to the door, I knocked loudly, there were footsteps and the door opened. A huge guy stood in the doorway, he had scruffy brown hair and a handsome face, he was only wearing swimming shorts and I couldn’t help but notice his muscle.

“Hello?” he said,

“Hi, I’m Zack,” I held out my hand, he shook it looking at me strangely,

“Zack? I recognise that name,”

“Oh, I went out with Jade for four years, prior to you that is,” I smiled,

“Four years?” he asked in dismay, hadn’t Jade mentioned that?

“Jakey, who is it?!” Jade yelled from the pool,

“Zack, your ex!” I narrowed my eyes and followed after Jake who beckoned me in, I shut the door behind me and suddenly regretted coming to see Jade. I followed him through the house and out the back into the garden; Jade was sunbathing in a bikini by the pool,

“Hey,” I smiled; she sat up and took off her sunglasses,

“Zack! You look different, everything alright?” she asked,  

“I’m fine,” I forced a smile, “And how about you? How have you been?” Jake took a seat next to Jade in the deckchair leaving me to stand up alone, I felt stupid,

“Really good actually,” she beamed a beautiful smile, “Jake’s been wonderful, oh how rude of me!” she gasped, “Let’s do this formally, Jake this is Zack, Zack this is Jake,” we shook hands again. I’d prefer to have punched him, but I didn’t. “Why are you here?” she asked putting down her book and sitting up properly,

“I was just passing through, had a dentist appointment thought I’d drop in, see how everything is,” I smiled trying to pass off the lie, my dentist was just two minutes away from Jade’s house.

“You only went to the dentist a few weeks ago, why did you go back?” She asked, I breathed deeply,

“Err… A filling,”

“I bet you’re mouth is numb,” she grinned,

“You bet,” I said rubbing my lip,

“Can I see?” she asked,


“I want to see how obvious it is,”

“Well it sort of hurts to open my jaw, they drilled real deep,” I lied again, digging an even deeper hole for myself,

“But you always took so much pride over your teeth Zack, it’s a shame you had to have a filling, your teeth were always much more perfect than mine,” she flashed another grin of pearly teeth suitable for a toothpaste advert,

“Yeah, right,” I scoffed,

“You have perfect teeth Jade,” Jake said smiling, leaning in and making out with her right in front of me. I looked away,

“I better get going,” I said,

“So soon?” Jade asked pulling away,

“Yeah, I need to pick up my girlfriend,” I said,

“You…have a girlfriend?” Jade asked,

“Violet, she’s real nice,” I smiled,

“We should double,” she suggested,

“Yeah, I’ll mention that to her,” I said, “I’ll make my own way out.” I turned and hurried back; once I got back in my car I sighed in relief and started up the car. I was never seeing Jade again, ever.

The End

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