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Lying there on that beach in the middle of the night was one of the most romantic things I had ever done. Perhaps it was the array of stars or the giant moon in the sky, perhaps it was the sound of the waves breaking against the shore further down the beach, or perhaps it was the beautiful girl lying by my side. She was on her side, her head on my arm, fast asleep. Looking at her sleep gave the hole in my heart a temporary fill, I knew by the time she left the hole would return and I’d feel empty and vacant. Violet was my personal hole filler, her looks, her personality, her smile and laugh all made me feel happy, and that was an emotion I hadn’t even dreamed I would feel again for a very long time. I drifted in and out of sleep that night, I had left my jumper in the car on a spur of carefreeness and Violet was my only source of heat.

I opened my eyes as Jade’s face suddenly appeared in my imagination, another uneasy dream to wake me, it wasn’t quite a nightmare but it was close to being so. The sun had begun to rise, I nudged Violet awake, she groaned gently and rolled off me, suddenly her eyes flew open and she was up on her feet, she looked at me for a moment and then settled down.

“Sorry, I forgot where I was for a second,” she smiled sheepishly,

“The great thing about this place Vi, is that you can watch the sunset on this side and watch it rise on that side,” I said pointing, she snuggled back up to me and we watched as the sun slowly rose across the ocean.

“I really ought to go, my Grandparents are going to kill me regardless,” she said getting up, it was 7am.

“Must you go?” I asked surprised by my forwardness,

“Once I’ve served my life’s detention I’ll come and find you again,” she smiled grimly,

“Okay, let’s get back to the car,” I said. We walked hand in hand up the beach, once getting to the car she climbed in one side and I the other. “Where to?” I asked,

“Venus Bay,” she replied, I nodded, “By the way, my Grandparent’s house is kinda different to all the other houses around this area.” She noted,


“Because they’re super rich and it’s more of an estate than a house,” she grimaced,

“Neat,” I smiled; she gave me a look,

“Oh by the way, the 70’s rang and said they wanted their lingo back,” Violet joked, I rolled my eyes,

“Neat,” I repeated, she giggled. “Neato.” I added,

“Too far Zack,” I smiled and looked at her, she was watching me, I winked at her and looked back onto the road. In summer times it was really dusty, but right now it was just a beaten old track, like many in the South of Australia.

“Turn off here,” she said pointing to some gates just off the road,

“So you don’t really live in Venus Bay?” I asked,

“Well near it, I live in the middle of nowhere really,” she smiled. I turned in and she got out and typed in the code on the electric gates, “The code’s 755949,” she said to me,

“I’ll forget that,” I said, the gates opened automatically, “Shall I drive you up or would you rather your Grandparents to not know about me?” I asked,

“No, I have nothing against them meeting you,” she said quickly,

“At 7:30 in the morning?” I asked looking at the dashboard.

“Okay, perhaps you could just drive me up; they don’t usually wake until 9 O’clock,” I carefully drove up the gravel path, tall green hedges lined the road which was just wide enough for two cars. It seemed to go on for ages,

“Yes, it’s near the sea so we have a really long drive,” she said, “Sorry,”

“Why are you apologizing?” I asked surprised, “I think it’s cool!” I added,

“It’s just so out of your way,” she grimaced,

“I’ll live,” I smiled and stopped the car in front of one of the biggest houses I had seen with my actual eyes, “Whoa.” I said slowly. It was nothing like I imagined, walls of glass seemed to burst from the ground, rising up high above my head, inside the house was easy to see with all the window-walls. I could see a kitchen and living room,

“Want to come in for breakfast?” she asked, my stomach rumbled at the thought,

“Sure.” I agreed, she grinned leaned over, kissed me and then got out. I blinked in surprise and then followed her, she unlocked the front door with another code and we went in, she signalled quiet with her finger on her lips – making me very much want to kiss her – and tiptoed across the floor. We past the kitchen and went through another door,

“Sorry, my Grandparents have supersensitive ears for old people,” she grinned, “By the way, you probably shouldn’t be around when they wake up, if they knew I’d spent the night alone with a guy… well you get my drift.” She smiled.

“Fine by me,” she took my hand and led me past the dinning room, games room, TV room, second lounge, entertaining room, party room into another kitchen.

“This is my very own kitchen,” she said grinning, “What would you like?” she asked, I shrugged, “I’ll make pancakes, everyone likes them. This is my section of the house; my Grandparents never come here so you’re safe for the moment.” She smiled another one of her dazzling smiles, “Go clean yourself up, there’s a bathroom through there,” she pointed down a glass corridor and to a room which luckily had no glass walls. I used the facilities and then took a shower; I washed the sand out my hair and dried myself with a very soft towel. I redressed and headed back to the kitchen, I would never have thought 36 hours ago that I’d be sharing breakfast with a girl I’d spent the night with. She served up the pancakes,

“Yummy,” she grinned, “If I’m allowed to say so myself, they might taste like crap but they smell good,” I took a bite and pretended to dislike it, I coughed and then choked,

“No, I’m kidding it’s really good,” I said tucking in, “I warn you, I eat like a pig.” I winked,

“So did my brother,” she said sadly. I mentally slapped myself and gave her an apologetic look, “S’all right,” she said bravely. There was a crackling noise and a posh voice came over the intercommunication system,

“Violet Parker are you there?” asked a stern voice, Vi swallowed her pancake, raised a finger at me to signal ‘one moment’ and ran to a small device on the wall,

“I’m here Grandpa,” she called,

“Where were you last night?” he demanded, I grimaced for her,

“I was in bed, sorry I came home late, it was a beautiful evening on the beach” she lied, it was a big gamble. There was a pause as the man weighed up her story,

“Very well, but we will not tolerate your being late, we had no idea where you were!” she turned to me and rolled her eyes, “You really ought to let us know where you are!”

“So sorry,” she replied,

“Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Yes,” she replied, the fuzzy noise cut off and she came and sat back down. “Phew,” she pretended to wipe the sweat away from her forehead, I smiled having finished my pancakes; I picked up her plate and took them to the dishwasher. “I’ve got that,” she said brushing her hands over mine and giving me an electric shock, she didn’t seem to notice. “You’d better go,” she said standing up straight, I nodded,

“Will I see you around?” I asked, she laughed,

“Seriously Zack, you think I’d just spend the most romantic night with someone and not even call them?” she rolled her eyes and handed me her number; there was suddenly the sound of a door closing. “Crap. Grandpa’s coming here!” she cried, “hide!” she growled, I darted for the bathroom and jumped into the bath pulling the shower curtain around me. I couldn’t hear anything, the walls must be soundproof, I waited and waited and waited. Where was she? What seemed like an hour later she snuck into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain open, her eyes were full of tears,

“They saw your car, stupid glass walls,” she muttered, “I’m not sure I’ll get to see you again, you best go home now, I told them you already went. So you’re going to have to call a cab, I’ll arrange for someone to drive your car home. Here’s 50 dollars, it should cover the cost,” she grimaced. I stood up and looked at her,

“We can’t see each other again?” I asked,

“My Grandparents have tightened the ever short leash, I’m grounded, I’ll call you?” she amended,

“You don’t even have my number!”

“You have mine, now go! Go!” she pushed me out the bathroom, “Okay, go out this door, cross the swimming pool and climb over the fence,” she pointed, “Run!” she called as I crossed through into the outside. I did as I was told, bombing across the garden, she live on a cliff and I could see the sea down below, I noted the swimming pool – an infinity pool, naturally – I jumped over the wall and was safe. I breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at the house; Violet was standing at the window looking at me. I blew her a kiss and in response she just turned away, turned her back on me, just like Jade had done. I didn’t think I could walk much further with that thought in my mind.

The End

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