I wandered away from the girl, if I hadn’t been in such depression I’d probably have flirted back with her and maybe taken her out for a drink in the local beach café. I hadn’t even felt embarrassed mistaking her for Jade, usually I’d be trying to brush it off, instead I pretty much told her my life story. I didn’t even remember her name, with every step I took I was regretting being so nonchalant with her. She was beautiful, she had nothing on Jade but my view was impaired and therefore impartial, she had rich chocolate eyes and beautiful blonde hair which was naturally wavy. Her features all matched with each other, her nose was the perfect size and her lips were the ideal bow shape, she could have been a model for all I knew. I sighed, it was just like me to mess up, and I had to accept Jade was over me.

On an impulse I turned round and began to jog back to where the girl had left me, she was walking off in the other direction; I jogged right up to her,

“I never got your phone number,” I said quietly, she looked up at me,

“Pardon?” she asked, she’d been in a world of her own, I changed my approach,

“Would you like an ice cream?” I asked, she smiled and then glanced at her watch,

“It’s only ten O’clock in the morning, but sure,” she smiled and we both turned and headed to the beach café,

“What flavour?” I asked,

“Watermelon,” she replied,

“Is that a flavour?” I asked surprised,

“It’s the best,” she grinned, “try it yourself,”

“Two watermelon ice creams please,” I asked, the man handed them over and I handed him the money. We sat down on the chairs under the umbrella,

“You’re right, this is nice, but I wouldn’t call it watermelon,”

“I know, watermelon is basically water, I’d call this…” she licked it again, “I don’t know, but it sure ain’t watermelon,” she grinned, “What’s with the sudden change of heart?” she asked, I paused and my heart hammered in my chest,

“I… I don’t know, I just need to take my mind off things, you know,” I said, she nodded,

“I understand, and if that’s the case let’s spend a day being carefree and forgetful,”

“Tell me about you,” I said, her dark eyes widened slowly,

“Me?” she asked shocked, I smiled and nodded, she bit into the wafer and looked away,

“My life’s nothing special.” She said,

“How old are you?” I asked,

“16, 17 in two weeks, you?”

“I’m 18,” I replied, she smiled,

“Do you have a job?”

“This is about you, stop switching the spotlight, and yes, I work in a reptile centre,” she smirked,

“Like handling lizards and stuff?” she asked, I nodded,

“I’m being transferred though,”

“Is it what you want to be for your life?” this was my time to smirk,

“No, it brings in the money and it’s fun, I’m working with Koala’s this winter,”

“It’s almost the end of the winter,” she replied,

“I know, then I’ve got school but in the summer I’m going to work there getting money before I go to college,” I replied, “Anyway, do you have a job?” I asked, she shook her head,

“Not yet, I’m just enjoying the weather,” she smiled,

“The winter sun,” I said looking up at it, “It’s been really warm this week, but I can’t wait for summer,” I grinned. In Australia the summer months are from October to March, making it the winter months from April to September, obviously with spring and autumn too. Our summer holiday is December and January, and we start the new school year in January and that was when I was going to start college. August is in the middle of winter and we still have school, but we have a week’s holiday, which was what I was enjoying now. She stood up and looked at me,

“Ready to become carefree?” she asked, I got up and nodded,

“I’m right behind you.” I enthused, I was feeling slightly better already.

The End

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