Super Hearing (Siv)

"Let's never do that again." Kat panted and crashed into her favorite chair by the fire.

"Didn't you hear what they were saying?" I looked at her curiously with dark black eyes before sitting down on a cushion in front of her.

"No, did you?" She picked up a piece of yarn and started to play with it.

"Yeah, the one named Crystal said that she knew me or you. Then the other one, named Grace, said 'Both of them?' and Crystal said 'What? I only know one?' and then Grace pointed at me and Crystal looked and got really confused and then I flew away."

"I know Crystal, but not Grace. Apparently Crystal thought that Grace was shooting at me until she saw you and then saw me underneath. They must be really confused!" She looked up at me. "How did you....oh wait, you used Barn owl hearing didn't you?"

"Uh....yeah...I didn't really mean too, it's just that's what type of owl wings I was using. That's also why I have black eyes at the moment." I looked up and made eye contact. "See? Now watch while I change them to Snowy." My feathers suddenly went pure white as though they had been bleached.

"Ah, I see." Kat went back to her string after seeing the black in my eyes turn gold.

"Yeah, it can be confusing, but you'll get used to it." I stood and went to the kitchen to make some lunch. "My turn to make a meal!"

The End

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