Grace: Frustration

                I stormed into the room she is letting me stay in. I sat on the bed, then got up again. I just need to take a walk. I told myself. I climbed out the window and started walking. I wandered around a little bit then returned to the hut. I climbed back through the window and sat on my bed. At a time like this how could she be playful? How could she joke around? Maybe I should tell her. I got up and walked out. "Selene, could you let us talk alone please?" I asked her calmly.

     "What? Oh. Sure." She said leaving the room.

       I turned to Crystal. "Crystal. I'm sorry I exploded like that. I've just been having a lot of problems in my vicinity. The whole town caught on fire just a week ago and it killed every one. I happened to make some friends there and now they are gone. The king sommond me the next day. I walked through the ruins of the town and found a small girl. Alone. She was the only survivor, so I braught her along. The king is looking after her now. He sent me to find out how the town caught on fire and I discovered a secret force of men. They were hiding not far from here. I went back and told him and that's when I got my assignment that I told you about. Please. Enough joking around now. Will you help me or not?" I explained. Tears resting in my eyes. (No this is not my secret). I sat down and waited for her answer.

The End

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