Selene: Something's Up

"Crystal, what's up?" I asked. "I know there's something."

"War is what's up!" she nearly shouted. Angry, I thought. What's up?

"Crystal, just tell me everything, 'kay? And don't leave anything out. I want to know more about you, too."

"Selene, there are some things people don't want to talk about. Secrets. Okay? I can tell you some stuff, but though I knew, wait, no, I'm not telling you that. Yet."

"Fine. I don't understand, but I'll be okay with it."

"Well, I'll answer your questions. Or at least what I'm comfortable with telling you. One, a war could start. Also, Grace is an old friend of mine. But I think you already knew that. But anyway, please don't pester me about things I don't want to tell you."

"Fine," I grumbled, again. "But as you must already know, I know something's up."

The End

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