Crystal: War....?

It might even turn to war... Those words repeated themselve in my head. "I don't know Grace.... Diana told me to look after her daughter." We entered the house and I walked over to Selene. "Are you hungry?" she nodded so I got a bowl and gave her some of the soup that I had been making "Careful it's hot." I handed her the bowl then walked back over to Grace with two other bowls of soup for us.

"Please Crys! I need your help!" she pleaded with me which actually made me laugh. "What's so funny?" she demaned which just made me laugh harder. It took me a little while to calm down but when I did I answered her question.

"I haven't heard you talk like that since we were little!" I smiled and took a spoonful of soup. She just frowned at me

"This is serious Crystal!" she yelled at me I could tell Selene was listening to us in the other room. "There could be a war and here you are just laughing your head off!" Her voice had gotten a little louder.

"Grace not so loud or you'll wake everyone up within the mile." I continued to smile "Man you've really forgot how to have fun everyonce in a while. Are you sure you're fit to be a Nightwatcher?" I asked with a sarcastic tone but apparently she didn't catch it. Nightwatcher usually are supposed to be serious.

"Not fit to be a Nightwatcher?!" she asked as if she could believe what I just said

"See what I mean?" I threw my hands up in the air "You can't even take sarcasm anymore." With that said Grace stood up and stormed to the room I had let her stay in for her visit. What is up with her?

Selene entered the room with her empty bowl and saw me with my head in my hands.

The End

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