Grace: Reasons, Answers

          "You do? Oh! Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt any one! I didn't know them!" I stuttered quickly.

      "Grace. Calm down. From what I can tell you didn't hurt any one." Crystal told me.

      I calmed down."Alright. Any ways. I got to go on a quick break and decided to find you. It took a while. But I found you." We went back inside. Then I remembered her previous question. "Right. Things are great at my place." I lied. She always saw through my lies. Even me being on break.

      "Seriously Grace. Why are you here and how are things at your place." She said frowning. I hadn't lied to her in years.

     "Crystal. The king sent me to find some one who could help me scout a couple of places. He's worried about an army attacking any minute. He wanted a few people, but I could only think of you. I came to find you. It took three weeks." I said with my head down.

      "Wow Grace. That is pretty interesting. You aren't lying are you?" She replied.

     "No. Honestly. The King needs our help. It might even turn to war. Please Crystal? Will you help me?" I said sadly. Then I waited.

The End

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