Arrows Fly. (Siv)

"The meat's ready!" Kat called from the kitchen.

"Coming!!" I set down my needle and thread and moved our new doormat off my lap. I ran into the kitchen.

"After breakfast, you want to go check out a hut I found yesterday?" Kat sat down in a chair next to me and started eating. I swallowed before answering.

"Sure. That sounds pretty interesting." I took another bite.

"Alright, we'll go after we finish and brush our hair." Neatness was always a priority in our family. Especially to me and Kat.


After finishing and of course brushing our hair, we took off through the forest. Kat was ahead of me so I could follow. Suddenly, she halted.

"There it is." She said, pointing. I looked over her shoulder.

"It's pretty nice." I hopped lightly onto a branch closer than the last. Without warning, a girl came out and shot an arrow that missed Kat by only inches.

"Run!" Kat turned and raced along the treebranches. Another arrow flew past my wing. I flew into the air, where my chances were better. Suddenly, another girl came out.

"Don't shoot! I know that girl." She stood in front of the other girl with the bow.

"You do? Do you know both of them Crystal?" The girl with the bow lowered it. I hovered midair.

"Both of them? What do you mean Grace?" Crystal became confused. "I only know one. She has cat ears and a tail."

"Then look at that." Grace pointed at me. Crystal looked at me, shocked.

"Come on Siv!" Kat was underneath me. I turned and flew away towards our treehouse.

The End

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