Crystal: Grace

When Grace knocked on that door you wouldn't believe how relieved I was that she was okay. We had gone through many adventures together when we were little. We had also gotten into a lot of trouble together. Well we had first met because well I was wander the forest. Cold. Scared. Alone. Grace's dad had been out hunting and he found me passed out on the ground. He took me home and that's how I came to meet Grace. My life before that is my big secret. It's haunted me since the moment I woke up in Grace's house.

"It's been awhile my friend. What's it been four? Five years?" I asked as she sat down.

"Six actually. But who's keeping track?" She smiled at me and I laughed

"I believe you are, Shadow." I used to call her that when we were little. She was really good at hiding in the shadows to sneak cookies or snacks from the kitchen. Me? Not as much. I got caught a few times but she never did. "So... Grace... How have things been where you live?"

The End

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