Fox! (Moss)

I went up to my room. It was nicely furnished and I loved it already. Just as I was settling into bed I heard a rustle. It was faint and unhearable, but not to me. My wings were barn owl wings at the moment, and I had the hearing of a barn owl. I climbed onto the windowsill (its the kind that you can sit on) and opened the window wider. There! The rustling became louder. Suddenly, a fox jumped up and started to try to climb up into the tree. Ha! Why would a fox be trying to climb into a tree? Maybe I could kill it and Kat and I could eat it for dinner or lunch tomorrow! I ran down the stairs, startling Kat.

"Hey did you know there's a fox trying to climb the tree?" I asked breathlessly.

"No. Is there a fox trying to climb up the tree?" She put a bookmark into the book she was reading.

"Yeah. Should I kill it for us to eat?" I looked up at her with my dark eyes.

"Is it big? If it is, sure, if it isn't, no." She opened her book and started to read again.

"Alright." I flew back up to my room. Literally, I flew to my room. I looked down at the fox. It was quite plump and its fur was gorgeous. It was a male too. I took a deep breath and threw a rock down to hit it on the head. It died instantly. I hopped out onto a branch outside my room, quickly slid down the trunk and picked up the dead fox. I carried it up into the kitchen in the tree house and set it down there. "I got it!" I yelled to my sister.

"Great! We'll skin it tomorrow. Go to bed now!" She turned back to her book.

"Ok!" I went up to my room and settled into sleep.

The End

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