Selene: Creatures

Back in my room, I looked out the window. The moon was safely hidden by the branches, so I leaned out the window, inhaling the brisk, fresh wind. Out there, I saw something move. I thought it to be a bear, but it had a long cat-like tail. Many strange creatures roamed the woods, I knew.

After only a moment's hesitation, I jumped out the window, wanting only to find out what was out there. Quickly, it moved away, running faster than I cared to, but as it did, I noticed cat ears. I wouldn't bother to chase it. I went in through the front door, and Crystal asked me where I had been.

"I saw something out there. Like- like a person-shaped, but with a tail like a cat and cat-like ears, too." Knowledge flashed across her face, but I pretended not to see.

I went to the sitting room, looking at the fire. Slowly, I lulled myself into a dull stupor, in which my emotions relented, as if far, far away...

The End

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