Selene: Homey

I sat on my bed for a while, thinking. I took my bow and quiver from my back, and layed them on the bed. I went to the dresser, and found what I was looking for: a pair of scissors. Sitting down on the chair, I started cutting my long hair.

The silver strands fell to the floor, making a pool of shimmering moonlight. After this was complete, I gethered them, and wove them into a rope.

"As I regected my mother, so too shall I regect any rememberance of her, or the place I was to have." I whispered. Gathering my dignity, I walked out of the room, and down to the kitchen, where Crystal was making dinner.

"Selene!" she cried. "Why have you shorn your hair?"

"I do not belong to my mother anymore. I shall seek out my own destiny." I replied.

Though I knew she was thinking of much, she simply nodded and turned again to what she was cooking. I went to the fire in the sitting room, and threw the rope of hair into the fire. Using a fire shovel, I took out some of the ashes.

I went back to my room, and looked at the mirror, in which a beautiful young woman played with the silver hair that danced above her ears. I am different, I thought, I am no longer what I was before.

The End

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