Selene: You!

I was not meant to be here, stuck on the ground. As the moon started to rise, I looked at her. My mother was there, riding her chariot across the sky. I wispered to her, "Mother, please, don't leave me here. Take me to where I belong. Take me to Olympus,  take me to where you start your journey in the night sky and bring me with you."

The wind carried her reply, breathing softly into my ear, "No, Daughter. You will be with me soon enough, you must earn your gifts, and then you will be here, driving the chariot and all that look up during the night shall see you climb the arc of the sky. Wait for your chance..."

"I don't want to wait!" I nearly screamed. "I have been stuck here for sixteen years and you leave me to wait here for a chance that may never happen? I will go, now, and you will never see me again!"

She did not reply, so I stalked  away from her, looking down at the ground. Having my gaze on the dirt, I nearly smacked into someone else in front of me.

"You!" she cried. I looked up.

"You!" I cried.

It was Crystal, the one I had heard about from my Mother before. A nightwatcher, and a special one. "Trustworthy, and special." she had said. "Destined for greatness, like you."

"Daughter of the goddess Diana!" She stepped back, looking at me.

"Nightwatcher, the special one! My mother told me about you!"

Both of us were shaken, but I managed to stand straight and tall. I motioned a hand towards the moonlight shadow under two twining birches. Looking back, then ahead, we sat beneath them. "Why are you here?" I asked.

The End

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