I am Selene. I'm human, in a way, but I was adopted by Diana, goddess of the moon, and I am now more goddess than human. Selene is the moon, and that is what I am. I shall take her place, when I am older. I will drive the silver chariot across the night sky, brandishing my sword. But for now, few know of my existance.

My secert is my real parents. I will never reveal who they are. However, they are not evil. Quite the contrary. It is dangerous, my mother told me, that anyone should know.

I have long silver hair that reaches to the floor, just brushing it. I wear pale gowns, and around where I live, I am called the Silver Lady. My eyes are a pale, shimmering blue, but if I am mad, they will go dark. That is another reason I cannot take my mother's place now. I am not yet fully a goddess, still somewhat human, and not able to bear this responsibility yet.

I am only sixteen, and a woman, but I am proficient with my bow and arrows. When anyone tries to escape, they shall find a shaft embeded in their flesh.

My true story starts only now, though, when I shall tell of my encounter which started in motion the wheels of my fortune, click, and clack.

The End

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