Are you Evil?Are you Good?Are you Black?(As in not skin color)Or are you White?(not in skin color it doesn't matter.)
Just so YOU KNOW To have it be less confusing...Only about 10 people can be in this story.

This is a story where The People can be Evil.Good.Black.(Not as is skin color I don't care.)Or White.(Also not in skin color I also don't care.)

My name is Kat.Just Kat. I have midnight black hair and bright orange eyes and I am...It's a horrible secret that no one can learn. Don't even try to ask.

The setting is a little village somewhere in the world.

"What do you mean I can;t sell this?!?"I was arguing with a traveling merchant.He looked at the sword then at me.'Where did you get this young lady?' I kept my face straight."None of your business." My age is 16. 'Well. It looks very exspensive....Are you sure you want to sell me this?' I looked at my sword again. "No I want it back..."

The End

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