I laid there atop Dinah, showering her with kisses and sensual touches. I couldn't believe that Dinah had come back. Tears poured down my face and over the large smile that I couldn't hide. I was in heaven and she was my angel, no matter how corny it sounded. 

"I love you," I murmured, tugging off her clothes and admiring her true beauty. She was as nature intended her to be, perfect and radiant. She giggled softly tousling my black hair and kissing my lips. I groaned loudly as she pulled down my jeans and tugged happily at my boxers. She didn't need to ask twice. My clothes fell discarded by the side of the bed and we were cuddling, reminding each other how good it felt to be in each others embrace. I wished that the night would go on forever, half knowing that it wouldn't. She purred softly and licked her lips as my own lips graced her neck and chest. 

She was mine to show affection for and I was going to prove how much I loved her. Tracing my fingers up her sides they finally rested at her shoulders, pressing her into the silk sheets. Ever since I began drinking  and smoking in her absence, I had left the bedroom alone. It was almost like a shrine and memorial that I never wanted soiled. I chuckled knowing that would go out the window tonight, but that didn't matter because my lover was back. 

With my knees I pushed her legs wide, making her gasp and giggle as I hummed and grinned. Leaning back a small amount, I lined up and shoved in, making her scream as I moaned in pleasure. Soon we were rocking and crashing, panting and moaning in delight as we shared passion. Her warm body pressing and moving as I moved on her, through her. Dinah was gasping and laughing, oh how I had missed that sound. Light and warm swirling round us as we reached our climax and our voices matched in volume. 

Finally I slowed and stopped, hearing Dinah whimper as I pulled out and snuggled against her back. Spooning her and cuddling her close. 

"Ryder," Dinah murmured sleepily. 

"Yes love?" I said kissing her delicate cheek and keeping her warm body against mine. 

"I'm sorry...for everything, I love you. I-" Smirking, I pushed my lips to hers. Pulsing our lips together as she whined and I trembled joyously. When we parted I laid my cheek to hers. 

"I love you too, Dinah. Let's not ever doubt each other." She nodded before drifting into the land of dreams. I closed my eyes and kept my arms hooked around her waist. My nose taking in her intoxicating smell and letting my mind fade in her presence. As sleep took me, I knew that all would be right again. 


The following morning Dinah and I showered, giving each other teasing kissing and playful touches. It was as if nothing had ever happened; like I hadn't planned to jump from the bridge, or drink myself into oblivion, as if Lexi hadn't kissed me and we were all happy again. 

Dinah and I sat at the table, but there was something that kept picking at my brain. A nagging feeling of guilt and pain that wouldn't leave me. Dinah must have noticed cause she took my hand and squeezed it, offering me a smile. 

"What is it Ryder?" she asked in that tender caring voice. My heart melted as I lead her over to me and sat her on my lap, playing distractedly with her hair. 

"Dinah....What about Lexi?" She bit her lip and looked at me, confused. I lay my head against her shoulder and sighed. "Elijah cheated on her, then she kissed me...she's got to feel like shit. Guilty that her actions, through some way or another, almost killed me and destroyed our lives. If I were her, especially when this is not my home, I'd just want to disappear." Dinah sighed and visibly relaxed. Her eyes met mine as she turned and straddled my waist. 

"You have a big heart Ryder," she nodded to herself "I completely understand. We need to show her that we understand it was a mistake. And that, no matter what, we are all friends." An Idea burst into my head and I grinned broadly.

"SingScreamSpeak!" I shouted a bit to loud. Dinah raised an eyebrow at me like I was mad. I laughed and hugged her close. "How did we all meet did we connect? Through music! We'll start a band, play together, sing together!" I snapped my fingers and purred at the thought. "Dinah, go grab Lexi and some coffee from our favorite Cafe. When you get back, I'll be sure to have my guitars and microphones set up." A devilish smile flashed upon my face as the sun burst through the blinds and lit up the room with a wash of color.

[Sonne (Sun) by: Rammstien] 

The End

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