Dinah: Center of AttentionMature

Something about the Florida heat made people crazy. Three days in my beach house, I'd managed to make a small group of friends. Maybe I was just social. But I hadnt felt so relaxed, so at peace, in a long time.

It was one of those dark nights, where every single star stands out like a beacon in the nothingness. The party was over, and in truth I hadnt been so sure I'd make it through the night.

Everyone was gone from my beach house, leaving only the lingering spirals of smoke. I still had a pretty good buzz going. I'd just barely managed to push New York from my mind. I was alright.

"I've been waiting." I spun around with a terrible start to face the figure in my doorway. A boy with bleached blonde hair and a surfer's tan was standing there, grinning devilishly.

"Joel." He was undoubtedly the ruler of the scene here. And why not, with her angel face and his contagious laugh? He was too much to bear, really. I'd spent the last few days in a steady haze with him at my side.

"That dress makes me crazy, Dinah," he breathed, stepping closer to me. There were only a few inches between us now. The voice in my head was screaming to run, run, get out now. Ryder...


I allowed Joel to pull me towards him, to trail his fingers down my sides until every fiber of my being was on fire. "I wish I'd have met you sooner," he said. His lips were close enough that, if I wanted, I might have brushed mine against them ever so slightly. I had to admit the thought was tempting.

And then I'd be no better than him. Ryder. The only one my heart beat for. He'd been my everything, my whole entire world. And, yes, he'd made a mistake. A really huge one. But that didnt mean that I should do the same.

"I...cant," I whispered, stepping away from him. "I'm sorry, Joel. I'm going to go home now."

Joel narrowed his pale eyes at me. "What, to him?" He spat. I opened my mouth in shock, but he gave me no time to reply. "Like it's not so obvious why the little princess ran away from her kingdom."

I could feel hot tears stinging my eyes. "Get out," I hissed.

He left me alone, in the dark. I allowed the tears to break free, into hysterical sobs, and then I pulled myself together and started up the stairs.

I had finally figured it out. Love was about saving your heart for someone who cared.

[Mayday Parade-Center of Attention]

The End

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