You Are So BeautifulMature


Dinah and I laid tangled in each other arms as the sun slunk under the horizon. She had fallen asleep, her body perfectly still until small breaths passed her lips. She loved me and all those horrid memories...of college, home...were starting to burn away. Replaced by the new memories Dinah and I were creating, a vivid collage of moments, touches, feelings. My hand lightly stroked her cheek, her naked body fit snuggly against mine. Her skin was radiating a comforting warmth as I laid my head next to hers, black locks falling before my face. 

"You're so beautiful Dinah..." I murmured, allowing my eye lids to close. Everything seemed attainable now, as if the impossible had just become possible. Jolts of energy wanted me to jump from the enticing covers and sing like I had never sang and dance like had never danced. The celebrating would have to wait till morning, fatigue from our earlier activities and my anxieties was catching up with me. Blackness became my new vision, my mind's eye flickering in a lush variety of colors.

Multiple dreams, some realistic and some fantastic, invaded my thoughts. In every single one, Dinah was there to hold my hand. She would offer advice and comfort me, guiding me when shadowy demons burst from my subconscious and attacked me. Then finally we were on a beach, a place I hadn't been since early childhood, but this time it was different. Dinah was sprawled out next to me on the golden sand, her figure covered by a sky blue bikini. Upon her eyes sat dark colored sunglasses, while I was in black and red swim trunks. 

"Ryder?" her voice asked, sounding lost in thoughts. Looking at her, I moved her so that she was lying on my stomach, her head resting upon my chest. 

"Yes, love?" I said lazily, soaking up the light's rays. 

"You'll never let anyone come between us right?" She gave me an innocent smile and I nodded. 

"Never. I love you Dinah, how could I ruin the only perfect thing in my world..." The world trembled and melted away as I woke up, a hint of early morning sunshine skimming through the blinds of my flat. Dinah was still asleep in my arms, as lovely and statuesque as ever. Kissing her cheek, I carefully released her and moved to the shower. The water steamed and hissed as I stepped in, bathing and enjoying the cleansing feeling. The bathroom door opened and closed, though I couldn't see who it was. 

I watched through the fogged glass as the figure moved to the showers door, making my heart jump as the door opened. Relief flooded my veins as Dinah stepped into the shower, washing herself along side me. Her face tossed me a teasing smile as if to ask 'Got a problem?' I shook my head and hugged her frame, trailing kisses over her neck as the water sprayed from our bodies. 

"Get dressed, we're going out..."

"Out where?" she asked curiously.

"Out." I responded mischievously, stepping out of the shower and toweling off. In my room, I pulled on an Escape the Fate t-shirt and a pair of jeans. While making sure that I had everything, a slight noise in the hallway outside my flat caught my attention. The floor creaked slightly as I shifted through the rooms and to the door, opening it and running right into someone. I gasped and fell onto my back, the person I had ran into fell upon my chest. Stars floated across my vision as I came nose to nose with the blushing girl. 

"Lexi?" I asked shocked and confused. She immediately scrambled off be and stood outside my door, I returned to my feet as well. 

"Yea..." she murmured, a bit unsure of herself. 

"Hey do you want to come in? Dinah and I are leaving in a bit but your welcome to join us." I gave her a warm and welcoming smile. 

[You are so Beautiful by: Escape the Fate]

The End

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