Last to KnowMature

"Fine, I'll be at your house at ten." Dinah said shutting her phone. The rest of us just stared at her in silence. Dinah gave us a fake smile and jumped back into the conversation. Lexie and Elijah jumped in too, I couldn't. Leaning against the back of the booth, I shut my eyes. Using you, using you...just like they all did. Sex, relations, drugs, booze. She's just like them. I opened my eyes again, trying to chase away the darkness within me. No, I told myself, Dinah loved me, she wouldn't  go back to anthony would she? Again the voice spoke. She went back once before what's stopping her from doing it again? 

"Ryder?" Dinah's voice seemed to echo, waving away my fears I looked to her. "What's wrong?" I took a nervous sip of my coffee and met her eyes again.

"Who was on the phone?" I asked trying to dissuade my worries. I could see a flicker of fear behind her eyes as she turned away.

"It was nobody," she almost whispered. Lies, LIES...It's Anthony, she's using you! She's just like THEM!  I grabbed Dinah's wrist, tossing an apologetic look to Lexie and Elijah. 

"Sorry to cut this short, but Dinah and I need to talk." Lexie nodded uneasily as I pulled Dinah from the cafe and onto the snow covered sidewalk. "Who was it?" I asked again, this time a bit more stern. Dinah shot a look at me, one of disgust.

"Anthony, it was Anthony, ok?" I pulled her close to me as tears burned upon my face.

"Are you two...why...Dinah..." Her eyes widened in shock and anger.Pulling away from me, she just walked away, why didn't she tell me? This can't be happening to me. She didn't say a word, she just walked away. I wanted to call out to her, plead with her to come back but I couldn't. A lump was lodged deep in my throat. Sickened and suddenly cold, I just returned to a small abandoned building near the park. It didn't need a key, I just slipped in through the broken back door. I had memorized the buildings layout, so finding my way to the light switch was simple in the darkness. Fluorescent lights buzzed to life overhead, as I moved to the building's empty stage. Sitting where I left it was an dusty black instrument case. Gently I picked up the case and opened it. A lovely shimmer of brass greeted me, my grandfather's trumpet.

Lonely and confused I sat on the stage and began to pour my soul out through the instrument. Out flowed my sorrows, pains, fears, and regrets as a symphony. A melody of darkness within me.

[Last to know - Three Days Grace]

The End

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