Looking upMature

I was mildly surprised to see Dinah and Ryder sitting together, looking rather comfortable with one another. The last I’d seen of them both they hated each other.

‘Lexi! Come over here!’ Ryder shouted. A warm feeling of delight and acceptance surged through me, causing a big goofy smile to spread across my face.

‘Elijah,’ I called his attention.


‘My friends are calling me. Do you want to join them?’  I felt I should ask, after all he was the one who invited me out in the first place.

‘Yeah sure,’ he smiled easily and led the way.

Dinah moved up and Elijah took the seat next to her while I slid in beside Ryder.

‘Hey guys,’ Ryder greeted. I noticed his personality had changed considerably. It seemed like the walls he put up to keep people away were slowly breaking down, revealing a happier, friendlier teenager. I briefly wondered if Dinah had anything to do with this.

I introduced them all and as soon as I mentioned Elijah’s named, Ryder looked up.

‘Elijah,’ he mused. ‘Where have I heard that name before?’

'I'm not too sure. My name's not that common...'

Ryder clicked his finger and called out with sudden enthusiasm: 'Stabbing Angels! You're in that band aren't you?'

Elijah's eyes widened. 'You've heard of us? Not many people have.'  

'Are you kidding me? You're freakin' amazing, how are you not famous?' 

Elijah gave a small, uncertain laugh. I was pleased they were getting on so well and I settled back in my seat, shrugging out of my jacket. I met Dinah's eyes and for a split second I caught some emotion flicker through them before she composed herself and shot me a smile that read I'm fine, what are you looking at?

My eyebrows drew together in a frown. Something was definitely wrong with her. What it was, I didn't know...

I focussed back in on the conversation at hand. 

'...a competition in December.'

'Awesome! Where is that?' 

'In Central Park. So yeah we've been preparing for that, and it's been pretty hectic. I think everyone's finally feeling the pressure which is good you know? It motivates them to work harder. But overall, things are looking up, finally!' 

I got the vague impression that Elijah thought of himself as the leader of the band and frequently told the others what to do. I wasn't too sure if I liked this. It made him seem almost...arrogant?

'I just had the best idea!' Ryder suddenly called out, making me jump. His eyes were alight with excitement and he was grinning from ear to ear, a rare sight.


Paramore - Looking up

The End

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