I had found it, the answer to all my problems. Smiling, I could feel my fingers intertwined with Dinah’s. She was the answer; I had never been so whole and in love.

“Where are we going?” she asked pressing into my side. I could feel her pulse, matching mine.

“The place where we so awkwardly met,” I laughed, pulling her arm around me. The snow swirled around us as if caught in some ballet that was never ending. Cars hurried by and people pushed through others, they were all in a hurry. But Dinah and me, we’re content to let this moment last forever. Finally after another ten minutes of walking we reached the quaint little café on the corner. Like a gentleman, I grabbed the door allowing Dinah to go in first.

“My hero,” she teased as we walked inside. Dinah grabbed us a booth and I grabbed the coffee, returning to our seat. I took a swig of the caffeine laden drink, letting out a long sigh as it began to warm my innards. Dinah too was enjoying her drink, when she finished her eyes looked me over.

“You are a dark and mysterious man Ryder,” her voice as smooth as silk. I laughed.

“Me? Dark and Mysterious? I’ve just lived…differently…from other people.” I took a sip as the vivid memories returned. I shivered and placed the cup on the table.

“What do you mean differently?” she cocked her head lightly. No, no you can’t tell her. You can never tell her or anyone else. They will leave you, again.

“I’ll tell you later…” I managed uneasily, I didn’t like lying to her but maybe Dinah would forget. It’d be for her own good. She gazed into my multicolored eyes as if not believing me, but instead of voicing it she nodded.

“Ok, tell me when you’re ready.” A heavy weight silently dissipated from my shoulders, too close.

“Thanks,” I said relieved and ready to change the subject.

“Ryder, you haven’t really told me much about you.” Dinah said adding a sarcastic “Mysterious.”

I opened my mouth to speak when the café’s door bell rang. Spinning around a familiar girl met my eyes.

“Hey Dinah look who it is!” I whispered. “It’s Lexi.” I turned back to Dinah who shot me a look. I shook it off and yelled out to the girl and her guy-friend.

“Lexi! Come and join us eh?” 

[Crashed - Daughtry]

The End

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