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‘This is Tyla,’ Elijah gestured to a pale white girl with bright pink hair and a nose ring. ‘She plays electric guitar. Adam’s on the drums and Harry’s on bass.’ Two guys, probably brothers with the same black hair and bright green eyes waved in a friendly manner.

‘Wow, so you’re vocals yeah?’ I asked stupidly.

‘Yeah I am. Thanks for coming; we need a new pair of ears! No offence guys,’ Elijah threw a grin in the direction of about three or four girls all looking at him with pure adoration.

‘Yeah, no problem! Thanks for inviting me,’ I replied.

‘We just really gotta rehearse for this winter competition coming up. We have to win!’

‘What competition?’

‘Basically every year, they hold this competition, sort of like a Battle of the Bands down in Central Park. The winner gets $1000 and to be featured in Rolling Stone magazine! How awesome is that?’

I nodded. It didn’t appeal to me as such but I could understand why Elijah would like it.

Minutes later, they were all set up and ready to go.

‘We are the Stabbing Angels and this is Broken Heart.’ I braced myself for loud, screaming vocals and a metallic screech from the guitar, but what came out was the exact opposite. It was soft but with an edge to it, like nothing I’d ever heard before.

I watched Elijah as he sung. I noticed he had a real passion for it, I could see it in his eyes. He sung with such intensity I found myself mesmerized by it.

He really was very handsome.

When they were done I found myself yearning for more. Yearning for their world, a secret, reclusive place where only people like me could find themselves.

‘What did you think?’ Elijah’s voice was hopeful and I found myself at a loss for words. The other girls didn’t however and they ran up to him, gushing with compliments. One of them snaked their arm through his and I felt myself overwhelmed with…jealousy?

‘It was…beautiful.’ I finally managed to whisper.

‘You really think so?’

I merely nodded.


‘So you’ll come see us in Central Park, won’t you?’

It was getting dark and we were now walking back to the flat. Normally I’d be nervous about walking through New York on my own at nighttime, but with Elijah I felt strangely protected which didn’t seem right considering I’d known him less than 24 hours.

‘Sure!’ I agreed, probably a little too enthusiastically. ‘When is it?’

‘The 20th December.’

‘That’s only a month away,’ I noted. ‘Are you feeling nervous?’

‘In a way yeah, but obviously I’m excited. I just hope we don’t mess up.’ He laughed lightly.

‘I’m sure you won’t,’ I smiled.

As we approached the apartment, Elijah turned to look at me, his face cast partly in shadow from the crescent moon above us. He smiled crookedly and my heart flipped. Why did he have such a powerful hold on me? I barely knew the guy!

‘Did you want to grab a coffee tomorrow?’ He offered. ‘Get to know each other a bit?’

‘Yes, I would.’ I tried to keep my voice steady.

‘Great! Meet outside the Café at about eleven?’

I nodded.

‘See you tomorrow,’ he hesitated a few seconds and my heart pounded erratically against my chest, unsure of what was going to happen. But he simply turned around and walked off. I sighed, staring after him. What was wrong with me?


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The End

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