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Days went by before I dared to venture back to that cafe on Fifth. The sun was not so high in the sky, and this time I was alone. I'd found myself in such a state more and more lately, pulling away from the things I had always, always known. Once upon a time I'd been so sure I was meant for the history books. Now I was growing more tempted to write myself off.

Dim lighting couldnt shield hollow eyes. I kept my gaze to the floor as I placed my order, waiting in the line. There was a sort of resolute within me, one that made me restless. The caramel walls, generic paintings, and bay windows couldnt contain my soul.

I was fully intending on leaving as soon as they handed me my steaming foam cup. Something made me pause, some sort of gravitational pull. Something made me turn. Call it fate, maybe, or the order of the world. If I'd never looked, things may have been different. Or maybe not. I guess I'd never know.

"Well," the serene voice spoke out from the shadows. "What a coincidence."

I narrowed my eyes at him. He had no right to be here. This was my territory, my city. "Unless you've been sitting around waiting," I scowled. I wouldnt have put it past him. He certainly looked the time, all dark hair and those alluring eyes. Damn him for captivating me so.

The boy who's name I still didnt know, didnt wish to know, let out a tiny chuckle. "Silly girl. How's your boyfriend's face look?" To that I didnt reply. I would not stoop to his level, would not play his games. "Sit down; I dont bite."

I should have left. But no, I raised my head and closed the distance between me and his table. Slid into the seat and set everything in motion. "So, what, you just sit in here all day and wait to rescue damsels in distress?"

He rolled his eyes. "Look, I know you've got your life in place, but I've yet to take the hint." There was something so mysterious about him. God, I so wanted to hate him. "What's your name, anyway?" He asked me then.

"Dinah," I told him, perhaps too eagerly. "You?"

"Ryder." His voice was low. Fire burned somewhere within his, exposing itself in the flames dancing behind his eyes. "We shouldnt have met like this."

I wasnt quite sure what he meant by that, but I didnt think I wanted to find out. I nodded like I understood. I'd never taken a fall for the deceit yet. "Look, I should probably-" Go,  I was about to say, but I never got the chance, because suddenly Ryder was leaning across the small distance between us and pressing his lips gently to the corner of my mouth. As soon as he pulled away, my hand flew to touch the spot where his lips had just been, where the feeling still lingered.

"I can keep a secret," he murmured, "if you can keep me guessing." And then he was up and walking- no, strutting- away, in much too cocky a manner. All I could do was watch him go, left shaking for something more.

[Coffee Shop Soundtrack, All Time Low]

The End

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