My Own HellMature


The streets, for the average person they are a means of travel. To me they are home, a place to sleep. Sure many people would argue that I wasn’t homeless and that’s partially true. I owned a backpack worth of clothes and personal effects, even slept in hotels when I scrounged the money up. It wasn’t the Ritz but it always made life interesting. It had been a week since my fight at the café and I already missed the company of others around me, someone who I could identify with, another outcast like myself.

I shook my head who was I kidding, I was a danger to myself let alone others. Throughout my entire life I only had one person ever call me a friend and he’s been dead since I was seven. Who could ever love such a monster like me? I sat up; I had spent most of the night in the park sleeping under the stars. Next to me sat my pack and my guitar.  The guitar was your standard electric type with a U.K flag design on it. I had always been a fan of European rock (in particular metal and scremo).

The sun set high above in the sky, my guess it was probably about 2:00(pm). With a yawn I stood, stretched and grabbed my stuff. Birds chirped merrily as I made my way through the park towards a small bakery not too far from the café. My headphones sung with a soft and depressing song, still reminding me of my constant loneliness. Grumbling I opened the bakery door, instantly catching a whiff of rising dough and icing.

Licking my lips I stepped up to the counter and ordered half a dozen glazed doughnuts. The baker nodded happily to me and handed me the bag. I handed him my money and stepped back outside, breakfast in hand. The café wasn’t too far but neither was the park. Quietly I debated before heading back to the park. I found a seat under a large oak, its roots ripping through the earth like tentacles.

After eating half the pastries, I stashed the food back into my pack. Behind me I heard the soft patter of paws mixed with light and feminine steps. A young girl and a large shepherd rounded the path and headed straight towards me. Uh-Oh. A bad feeling bored itself deep into my gut. The girl was out of breath but smiled as she stood before me. I took my head phones off.

“Can I help you?” I asked not trying to sound agitated. The dog began to sniff near me as the girl spoke.

“Hey sorry to bother you but do you know where the nearest restaurant is?” She lightly patted her stomach. “Gotta eat sometime.” I narrowed my eyes at the girl as her shepherd began to growl.

“You mind getting your away from me and I’d be happy to help yo-”I was immediately cut off at the end of my sentence as the girl’s dog latched onto my hand. His fangs dug deep, drawing blood. I yowled in pain as she yanked the dog away from me. I could barely hear her apologizing and yelling at her pet. I was fixated on my mangled hand. Flesh was torn, blood spilled, and agony flared around the large wound.

Before I could look up the women was gone, stupid dog! I sprung from my resting place and hurried to a nearby pond. The water washed around the lacerations, making a cloud of red in the blue pool. Tears dripped from my face as I fought back my screams. With my uninjured hand I pulled out my phone. LOW BATTERY it whined before shutting down.

“Dammit!” I shouted tossing the phone away.  If ever someone cared, I need them now! 

[My Own Hell - Five Finger Death Punch]

The End

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