Apathy is a DeathwishMature


I stopped a mile from the café, almost kicking myself. The girl hadn’t done anything to me, she’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The music from my headphones fell to a soft and sad melody, there goes my soundtrack again. Agitated, I sat on a nearby wooden bench. It was mangled and tortured with graffiti.

“May indifference bleed us all dry,” I whispered remembering my grandfather’s quote. Tears bordered my face as I pulled my zip-up sweater’s hood atop my head. My teeth clenched as tears soaked the pavement. Grandfather had been the only one in my family to understand my interests, to the rest of the family I was a freak.

“An outcast,” I growled quietly as people passed by, unnoticing. I glanced back to the Café. Should I go back and apologize, she’s a Brit after all. A small smile creased my lips; grandpa had been a Brit before he moved to the states. I was always fascinated by his accent and hilarious slang. Fine! I sighed and stood. I’d go but only cause my tiny conscience got the better of me.

My footsteps echoed on the pavement, half drowned out by car horns and the squeals of tires. It took me about 15 minutes to walk back to the old café. Sunlight bounced from its glass sign, showing the outdoor seating area in a kaleidoscope of colors. It was like being a kid all over again, I felt as if I should jump amongst the colors and laugh.

But my darker personality reminded me of my past again, stabbing a stake into my heart. My eyes shut and I gritted my teeth. People in this world were cruel; they looked for every shred of joy and turned it into pure fiery hate. Rage boiled in my blood as I pushed open the café’s door. I noticed both of the girls from earlier were inside. The British girl stood in the front of the line, she ordered and tried to blend in as best she could.

The other girl, the one with purple highlights now had a friend. He was a tall blonde who looked like the next pick for Mr. Popular.  I gagged silently as the smell of alcohol oozed off him. Why was a girl like her with trash like him. The two were arguing, as silently as they could, about the British girl. It didn’t look like they were resolving either.  

“Ow!” The guy yelped and slapped a bloody hand across the girls face. She stood dumbstruck at his malicious gesture. In a huff he stepped outside. Saying sorry will have to wait! If there’s one thing I hate more than humanity itself, it’s assholes that treat women like possessions. I followed the jock outside and tapped his shoulder. Drunkenly he spun around and connected with a full force fist. Being beat up my entire life had molded me into a dangerous fighter, especially with nothing to lose. Blondie fell to the stone ground and yowled in anger and pain.

“The HELL?” He yelled shakily standing. I glared at him, pulling off my hood and headphones as he clenched his fists.  

“Anthony!” I head a female voice squeal behind me. I turned to see the girl with purple highlights staring on in horror. I was frozen, what do I do? Unfortunately, Anthony had already thought of something. His fist slammed full forced into my right shoulder blade, sending me crashing into a set of tables and chairs. Disoriented, I lazily gazed around. Blank stares looked on at us taking in the fight, all their ambitions gone.

“Freak,” Anthony slurred staggering towards me. “I can treat that bitch however I please.” He crouched next to me, leaning near my ear. “There’s not a thing you can do about it.” He chuckled and stood.

“Wrong,” a darkness in my voice pierced the surface and made him stop cold. His eyes flashed back to me, but I was already on the offensive. In moments Anthony was on the ground, my converse stamped into the back of his neck. The girl just stood there, aghast.

“Apologize!” I snarled. Anthony glared at me but made no move to speak. Need encouragement? I pressed my other shoe hard on Anthony’s hand. He screamed and conceited.

“Ok, Ok, Dinah…I’m sorry.” He flashed a hateful glance up at me. “Can I go?” I bared my teeth in a menacing smile and lifted my foot from him neck.

“Yes,” my voice said venomously. Anthony scurried from the stone and to the street. He shot a look over his shoulder before taking off down the sidewalk. My body suddenly felt tired as I released my breath. The brown haired foreigner appeared at the other girl’s side, her eyes wide in surprise and fear. I gave a weak smile to the two before looking to the brown haired girl.

“Listen, I’m sorry for being…well…a jerk. Could I make it up to you by buying you a drink?” I glanced to Anthony’s companion.

“I don’t think he’ll bother you. You’re also welcome to join me for a drink, if you’d like?” I said. The girls just stood there silent, staring into my multicolored eyes.      

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The End

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