Far Away From HomeMature



I sighed lightly letting the winding melody of music pour through my ears as I lightly nodded my head to the hardcore beat. People hurried by in packs and alone, just like the sea of taxi’s busses, and cars. Another day in the carnival of souls, New York City. I’ve worked so hard to forget my past, but the faces of people I’ll never see again, it keeps me from ever going home. I shook my head of the thought letting music soothe my mental aches.

“Would like something to drink sir?” I looked up abruptly to the smiling waitress. She must have had to yell to catch my attention. I pulled off my black skullcandy headset and returned her smile.

“Cola, please.” She nodded and walked off towards the kitchen. Why do people always try to gravitate to me? I’m not exactly handsome. I flashed a quick look at a nearby window, my reflection stared back.  I was pale and  tall for my age of 19. My black zip up hoodie and faded grey jeans also displayed another of my features. I was very lanky, something that always got me picked on at the college. I shut my eyes and ran my hand through my jaggedly short black hair and down my neck.

“Sir,” I opened my eyes to see the waitress. “Here’s your Cola.” Carefully she paced the glass bottle on the table. But just as she turned she stopped and looked back at me, here we go, I growled to myself. “I’m sorry I don’t mean to stare but are your eyes-”

“Two different colors? Yes.” I said dryly, not trying to offend the young girl. Confusion flashed on her face but she didn’t push the issue like many others had. She just returned to the café’s small counter. I glanced back to my reflection. One eye is green and one blue. I chuckled, some people thought it made me a freak or that I was a werewolf. Every time I tried to tell them it was a medical condition, Heterochromia Iridium, they ridiculed me. I clenched my fists and roughly threw my headphones over my ears. No one ever understood me!

The only thing I had comfort from was my music. It’s melodies and harmonies never judged me, they never treated me like gum you’d scrap from your shoes. To me it was a soundtrack, each beat from a drum or strum from a guitar string defined a moment in my life. Sure there were many songs for many occasions but it had always helped me to cope.

I took a swig from the pop and set it back to the table. When I released the glass container I noticed my hand slightly shaking. I had been trying to quick smoking cold turkey but stress had decided otherwise. I pulled the wolf emblazoned zippo from my pocket and lit the cigarette. After taking a drag from the carcinogen and poison ridden habit, I let a puff of off white smoke drift from my lips. As it cleared I noticed a taxi pull up to the sidewalk.

A platinum blonde haired girl with purple tips stepped from inside the yellow car. He bright green eyes were surrounded by heavy black makeup, accompanied by snakebite piercings.  She was slender and short but her face seemed familiar, I just couldn’t place it. She casually walked into the outdoor café where I sat and took a seat two tables over from mine.

I shook my head, I thought I was the only outcast who visited this place. I threw some money on the table and headed to the sidewalk. The song playing through my headsets switched to a heavy metal song. I smiled lightly as I pinched the cigarette in my lips. Suddenly I was toppled to the concrete sidewalk. I rubbed my head and looked around.  A slim, pale young girl with long wavy brown hair and a side fringe was also on the ground. She looked up shock and regret in her very dark eyes.

“Sorry! Sorry.” She apologized grabbing some books she had held. I retrieved my headset, put them around my neck, and stood. She looked up at me with a slight nervousness. I stepped around her and said over my shoulder…

“Just watch were your going,” I snarled under my breath realizing that my cigarette was in the gutter. I had to go somewhere to cool off. Being social wasn’t in my nature. I was a lone wolf and I didn’t particularly appreciate it when humanity ran into me.

[Far Away From Home – Five Finger Death Punch]

The End

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