Darren was sitting with Lanie and Alley during lunch. He was bored without Johan, and thought that he could use this time to catch up with is old friends. No one really knew that he had practically grown up with Lanie. His house was right next to hers in their apartment complex. They had been extremely close until around sixth grade and then had drifted apart. He had found his own set of friends and she found Allison.

He had been intrigued, to say the least, when he saw Johan becoming friendly towards Lanie. They were on diametrically opposite poles. She was quiet, introverted and rarely lost control over herself. He was noisy, boisterous and open, and behaved as if he had never heard of the word ‘control’.

“What do you think of him?” Darren finally asked Lanie, “You talk to him, don’t you?”

“He’s a pompous ass most of the time” she gave him an apologetic look, “But he’s good at putting people to ease… I mean, he obviously chooses people to be nice to. I guess he’s moody…choosy.”

“I really glad that he put Monaghan in his place” Alley chipped in, biting into her bagel, “I mean, I didn’t know the extent of his creepiness, but I would’ve done the same thing if I had known about him being a stalker.”

“I think he vacillates between childish and mature” Darren said with quiet gravity, “We’ve all seen his boyish behavior, but sometimes he lets his guard down and you get to see a very different person.”

Lanie was starting to say something when Darren’s blackberry beeped. She saw him start on noticing the caller id, and then he took the call. His expression changed from serious to shock to relief in quick succession.

“Johan gave me his address,” he breathed as he put the phone down.


“He’s never told anyone where he lives.” Darren looked at the both of them, “Don’t you know?  No one knows anything about Johan save his name.”

The End

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