Johan managed to get hold of some essential cutlery and got them listed to be delivered to his apartment. The next stop was the home décor shop. He looked for essentials – a massive bed, a sofa set with recliners, and a kitchen table with chairs. Some cupboards and bookcases. A wardrobe.  A filing cabinet. A couple of bedside coffee tables. A writing desk and chair. Some lamps and lighting accessories, and a modern chandelier. A few sets of bed linen, towels and kitchen cloths. He added in a vacuum cleaner and gave his address for the delivery.

He was walking back when he spotted a paint and hardware store, and an idea took root in his mind. He had four days left and he didn’t admire the dirty, slightly stained and careworn walls of his new house. He purchased several bundles of sandpaper and a few large cans of wall primer. He picked up a few cans of white emulsion for the living room and beige for the bedroom. Wallpapering could go to hell. On an impulse, two cans each of light and dark blue, and light and dark green emulsion went on his list. In went brushes and rollers, and a special roller with a design or intertwined leaves embossed on it. He was going to enjoy his holiday.

He took out his phone and called Darren as he stepped outside and made his way home, and asked him if he would mind coming down to his new home for hanging out for some time. There was a stunned pause in the other side, and then Darren laughed, agreeing to drop in on Saturday.

The End

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