Johan regarded his three days of suspension as an opportunity to set his increasingly haywire life in order. He wasn’t one to cry over spilt milk, and honestly, he was very pleased with himself. That would warn the others to think twice before they picked on him. Besides, with three days of suspension followed by the weekend, he felt that he had deserved this holiday.

He had already looked at a few possible apartments and zeroed in on his choice, but he hadn’t shifted homes yet. Thus, Wednesday morning saw him in front of his new apartment’s door. It was a small seven hundred and fifty square feet studio apartment with a standard layout. The kitchenette and dining area were on a raised platform in one of the corners of the main living space. Four bay windows were aligned next to each other on the far wall, turning it into a wall of glass. Beyond the bay windows was a balconet that ran along the wall and was about a couple of feet wide, with a two feet high grille balustrade.

It wasn’t very impressive, but it would suffice.

Opposite to the kitchenette area was a door that opened into a bedroom and an attached bathroom. A door from the bedroom led to a small balcony, about thirty-five square feet in area. He liked the view from the fourth floor window. The apartment wasn’t much to boast about, but he was glad that he had found it. The central heating may be conked out, and the bathroom geyser might be rusty and old, but this place felt like home.

First things first,he thought to himself as he stepped out of his apartment. He didn’t know what magic Elena had performed to convince his father to let him live on his own, and even buy an apartment for him, but he was mighty glad of it. It filled him with a certain amount of glee to know that he owned his own home. How many seventeen year olds could say so?

He went to an electronics store nearby and placed an order for two Daikin McQuay split air cons – a two ton for the living area and a 1.5 ton for the bedroom. The ancient radiator still worked, so he decided against changing it.Can’t waste money, I’m on a budget.He inspected and bought a medium sized two-door refrigerator and a 32-inch Sony LED TV. He took out Elena’s ‘Home essentials’ list and tick marked what he had purchased. He followed it up with a cooking range, even though he knew that he wouldn’t use it much. A microwave followed. He dilly-dallied on whether to buy a music system.

Ah, what’s the harm…?

The music system was followed by an iPad 4s. He had wanted one for months. What was the harm in indulging himself once in a while? The salesperson gave him a confused smile a Johan placed the final order. The smile soon turned into a serious expression and he informed Johan in a hard tone that the store didn’t sell to minors with a credit card.

Johan handed him his debit card instead. The man fingered it suspiciously, obviously thinking that it was a fake. Then Johan’s name and account number flashed in the screen and the cashier’s expression changed. He apologized profusely for the mistake and prepared the bill extra quick, informing him that his purchases would be delivered at his address on Sunday. The man apologized one last time and addressed him as Sir.

Johan managed a dour, crooked smile. 

The End

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