Lanie stared at the door, open-mouthed, shocked. Johan had just stormed out of the class, and after a few seconds, Mr. Monaghan slunk out of the class too. As she looked around, she realised that she was not the only person staring at the door in shock. Alley turned towards her, and Lanie was surprised to see a great deal of raw admiration in her eyes. Right beside her, Darren was slumped on his desk, looking worn out and drained.

The news that Monaghan resigned from his post reached the class just before the lunch bell rang. One of Monaghan’s favorite frontbenchers had gone off to the staffroom to apologize for Johan’s behavior and had been curtly informed by none other than Ms. Meirhofer in an extremely annoyed voice that Monaghan had just submitted his resignation letter to the Principal. There was no sign of Johan.

By lunchtime, someone came back with the news that Johan had been summoned to the Principal’s office, and had been suspended for three days for disorderly conduct. Surprisingly, he hadn’t questioned it. Apparently, his suspension and warning of rustication was the reason why Ms. Meirhofer was livid. That could only mean one thing – That whatever Johan had accused Mr. Monaghan of doing was true, all of it.

Lanie saw him near his locker after lunch. He was clearing out his locker and was preparing to leave, in high spirits, as if he had been granted a well deserved holiday.

“I’m proud of what you did.” She whispered discreetly as she walked past him.

“Thanks” He replied in the same conspiratorial tone as he picked up his bag and sauntered out of the school building, disgraced.

The End

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