"Ms. Meirhofer, you will have to make sure that such an incident does not repeat itself in the future.Do I make myself amply clear? The reputation of the Crown Prince of Yvestolja cannot and will not be threatened by a mere teacher. Such scenes will not be tolerated."

"Yes sir" Elena Meirhofer closed her eyes and leaned against the wall in dejection as she tried to pay attention to the sonorous monotonous voiceon the telephone.

"Proper sction will be taken against the teacher, but His Highness has specially asked me to convey to you that during his stay, the Crown Prince is your ward, and that - "

"Hello?" Elena jerked into action, alert, as the voice on the other side was silenced suddenly.

"Elena, is this you?", it was a heavy, distinctive, unmistakeable voice.

 "SIR?" breath gushed out of Elena as if she had been punched in the solar plexus.. "Your Highness?"

"It's time you kicked him, Elena" the voice said, "He will bring you nothing but disgrace. Throw him out and watch him mend himself in a trice. I cannot believe that he was reprimanded in front of all the teachers!"

" 'Reprimanded' is an understatement, Your Highness" Elena managed a thin smile. She could hear breath being sucked in, in shock.

"If only Ryan was alive" the voice choked, "I cannot pass on my Yvestolja to him and watch him make a plaything out of it."

"It won't. Because I don't want it."

Elena turned around, alarmed to see Johan standing behimd her with the kitchen phone glued to his ears, with an incensed look in his eyes.

   *                                           *                                         *

Johan had known from the very beginning that he had been earmarked for bigger things in life. he had always been a Prince, and recently, the Crown Prince of a small kingdom. Yvestolja was a small nation belonging to yester-year USSR. Bordered by Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, it was a miniscule dot in central Europe with a population of probably a tenth of a million.

The money and the power came from their ancestral shipping business. Being well connected with some of the major European rivers, Yvestolja was a trading junction. the family also owned an entire armada of liners and merchant vessels that effectively controlled the Atlantic trade.

Johan had only seen glimpses of the royalty and wealth. He had been sent to a boarding school near St. Petersberg in Russia when he had turned nine and now he was in the US, at one of the world's best prep schools under the care of the daughter of one of his mother's most trusted aides who incidentally happened to be his Chemistry teacher.

"Johan, please open the door." Elena knocked patiently yet again.

Screw you. "GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" he yelled at the closed door. And it is Prince Johan for you, woman.

He looked around himself and sighed. Just what was he, earmarked for  big things in life, doing in a 10X15 square feet room, locked up with his books? He was going to strtch out and doze off for sometime when Lanie's voice chimed in his head. I want this back by tomorrow.


He picked up her notebook and was flipping through it when a single torn sheet fell out. Curiosity getting the beeter of him, he opened it and read on.

The End

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