Dani: run of the mill.Mature

I turned the keys in the lock, the newspaper in front of me. The headline read "President and Daughter Home Again", accompanied by a smiling Fullman, and Kristen sitting down on a velvety chair. I noticed they'd done a good job of hiding her leg, which was in a cast. They'd just managed to save it. I'd been to see her the day after, when she was still needed to stay in hospital for the usual checks. It wasn't like the usual ward though- she was in some high security surgical clinic. I had to show them five pieces of identification. She couldn't really remember me, but it was something she had said about Steve... 'He gave me strength.' I had instantly looked down- my new way of covering up a blush. I'd tried to move on from my high school tactics but it had to be said: he made me feel just as...well. It was hard to describe, but nevertheless I'd been mulling it over in my mind all the way home.

I turned the page of the newspaper to Properties as I caught Dad out of the corner of my eye, drinking tea. I smirked at the inevitable stereotype, and handed the paper to him. He looked at me a bit confused.

'I'm going to find a new place!' I smiled.

'But...' Dad looked down at the red circles drawn all over the page and frowned. 'I haven't done something wrong, have I?' He looked for that moment truly concerned, and I bit my lip at the thought of sounding displeased with the apartment. Sure, it was tiny, and a mess. But it was home.

'I just thought it would be an idea to actually try living away from home. I am twenty-two next month, and I never lived...well, Richards got me cushy accomodation for uni. I'd like to rough it- y'know, cook my own food and have to pay rent and...all of that.' The more I talked about it the more living with Dad sounded appealing, but I stood firm. If I didn't start now I never would.

'Well,' Dad patted the seat next to him and I sat down, taking back the newspaper. 'It's a very valid reason. But I don't think these ones you've chosen will do.' It was in that moment, picking out new houses that I realised maybe the mundane, run of the mill activities are just as good as the nearly dying saving the world ones.

The End

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