Foster: Enough FlyingMature

Jeeeesus Christ!

The number of incidents we have that involves something going wrong with a plane or a chopper. Next mission we are not flying anywhere! Crow and Dani were dragged back into the chopper to cries of relief from everyone, not least myself. As the loading ramp of the chopper closed up I tuned my radio to the operation control channel just in time to hear the last crackle of the airforce team.

"Final payload away. Say goodnight boys."

I glanced out of the window behind us just in time to see the trace from a single missile fly towards the bunker. It impacted and nothing happened for a moment. Then a majestic explosion blossomed out of the ground. I grinned ear to ear. Bunker busters are drilling missiles. It would've pierced the structure before exploding. Beautiful. Hope you said your prayers Seuk 'cause you're fricken dead now mate. The chopper took us back to base as I heard the pilot's chatter once more.

"That's a wrap boys. Target destroyed. Good job. Now let's f**k off home."

F**k off home indeed.

The End

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