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We landed in the drop zone.

"All callsigns, radio channels active, weapons ready, shoot to kill. SCIT, you know the drill. Let's do this. Out."

Shadow's team split off and headed into the ravine to enter the cave network. Dani and I scrambled up the mountainside with our ice gear to reach the vantage point over the bunker. We reached a sort of hollow in the rock filled with snow. It was a natural sniper nest. Dani unfolded the bipod of her rifle and set it down facing the bunker. The area all around the entrance was a huge courtyard packed with enemy patrols, tanks, anti-air missile sites and watch towers. We had to get closer in order to take out the SAMs and allow the Korean air support to roll in but there were way too many soldiers to be attacking head on. That's where the rifles came in.

"Alright Fox. I'll spot for you, use a silencer, we don't want them knowing where we are."

Dani attached a noise suppressor to the end of her rifle barrel. The device would eliminate most of the gunshot noise and the muzzle flash making us far harder to detect.

"Roger, I'm ready. Call 'em out." She snapped the bolt action into place crisply. She was ready.

I took out a tactical rangefinder. It was essentially a telescope with a small computer readout inside it which told me how far my target was. It also was designed so as to reduce reflection from the lens so that enemies couldn't detect us by glinting sunlight. I focussed in on the base.

"Watch tower, 500 metres. One hostile with a sniper. Fire at will."

"About time I got a shot at these guys." She squeezed the trigger and I watched his head jerk back as blood plumed from the exit wound. She worked the bolt, ready for her next shot.

"Good kill. Second watch tower, three o clock. Fire at will." She popped the second sniper without hesitation. Work the bolt. Ready.

"Two leaning against a tank in the south west corner of the courtyard. Fire at will." Her rifle coughed twice and the two men dropped dead without so much as a cry of pain.

"Patrol by the SAM unit. Four men. I'll take three." I readied my own rifle with a silencer and aimed down the scope. The magnification brought the soldiers into crisp resolution. "Take the one on the right. Fire at will." Our rifles spat in unison. Two men dropped dead. Dani's ammo was empty. She discarded her empty magazine. I popped the next guy in the chest and saw him slam back into the SAM from the impact of the .50 Calibre round. The last soldier spun around frantically as I chambered the next round and my scope zeroed in on his head. My bullet literally tore his head clean off. Dani reloaded. I had two shots left. I picked our next targets.

"They realise they're under attack. Ten man patrol coming out of the bunker. Fire at will."

We pumped the soldiers with lead, watching them drop just like the targets on the practice range. They were all dead in less than ten seconds. We both reloaded. A smooth clinical motion. Bolt out. Clip out. New clip in. Bolt in.

An alarm went off inside the base. Now we were in for some trouble. Can't kill that many people without getting noticed I guess.

"Fox, on me. Move out."

We grabbed out rifles and scrambled down the hillside into the base. We'd killed everyone outside but more were bound to come sooner or later so we had to move fast.

"Place explosives on the SAMs. Go!"

We placed packs of C4 onto the machines. This much explosive would leave nothing nearby in any operating condition. We were just finishing up rigging the detonators when we heard it. The unmistakable whirring of a chopper. We turned slowly as a gunship rose from behind the bunker. I recognised it as a Russian 'Havoc' gunship. Its rockets and cannons would rip us to shreds in the open. We were so screwed.


Dani ran. She sprinted back for the cover of the mountain. The chopper would struggle to tail her so long as she stayed hidden among the rock formations. I ran and took cover among the tanks.

"Hunter!" I called Jagan on the radio. The channel buzzed with static interference. They were trying to jam our signals. Crap. "Hunter! There's a chopper! Get the president and Evac immediately! Get out now!"

I had enough signal to here the response; "Oh crap." I saw the chopper swing around and fire rockets into the trees in the valley. Shadow's team would be obliterated if this kept up, not only that but both hostages would die too. I had no other option. I sprinted out of cover, cocking my sniper as I went. I ran around so I could see the cockpit. I was entirely exposed now. The pilot noticed me. He started to maneouvre the chopper into position. In just a few seconds the cannons would rip my flesh and bones apart. I had no time left. I steadied my rifle, aimed straight at the pilot and fired. My bullet exploded from the barrel at faster than the speed of sound. It punched through the armoured glass of the helicopter's cockpit just as it was designed to do. Then it pierced the pilot's chest, shattering his sternum and rupturing his heart before lodging in the back of his ribcage. He was dead. The chopper sank from the sky in a spiraling chaotic dance like a puppet losing its strings one by one. It crashed onto the SAM sites detonating our explosives already planted causing a dramatic fireball to blossom into the dawn sky. I stood and watched the view for a moment.

"This is Sherlock. All callsigns head for the Evac point. We extract via Fulton surface to air recovery." I switched radio channels. "Base, come in, this is Sherlock. SAMs are down. We have primary targets. Seuk's location is unknown. Calling in airstrike on coordinates designated by my radio beacon. Bunker busters and fuel air bombs, bring the rain. Over."

"Roger that Sherlock we have your coordinates now get the hell out of there. Airstrike inbound e.t.a. T-minus five minutes. Out."

I turned and pegged it.

The End

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