Jagan: Oh crap.Mature

I was running side by side with Bethany, I was breathing very hard. I stopped myself to look back at Crow, who for some stupid reason was going back.

I took a deep breath and kept running, only looking back to hear Beth scream to him.

I ran a little ways with Beth until something made me stop, "I'm going back."

"WHAT?! Back? You'll be killed!"

"So will Crow if I don't help him." I said, spinning around and taking off.


I caught up to Steve surprisingly quick, "Wait up!" I gasped.

He stopped himself and looked at me with a worried expression on his face, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

"I'm coming back to ask you what on earth you're doing!"


I said nothing, "Steve, she's not a little girl anymore."

Steve looked shocked, "Jagan-"

"What are you doing here Crow?"

"Having fun." He said with a chuckle. He turned around and started to run again.

I followed him moaning.

I ran behind him, and watched as he shot every Korean he saw.

At one point, I couldn't take it, I grabbed onto his shoulder and spun him around, "Steve, this is insane. Get control of yourself-"

"WATCH OUT!" Crow screamed, lifting up a pistol and firing repeatedly.

I ducked  and turned to see a Korean fall to the ground dead.

"Doesn't it seem like I'm always saving your ass?" he spit.

I rolled my eyes, "Steve come on, you've done enough."

I took his arm and started pulling him, "Lets go."

"NO!" he yelled, throwing my hand away, "You go! I want to kill as many of these b*stards as I can!"
I looked at him sadly, "Come on Crow. For Beth."
Steve said nothing, he just started walking back.
I followed him again.
The communicator came back on, and Foster's voice was yelling, "GUYS! CODE RED CODE RED!"
"What happened?" Steve asked calmly.
"OH CRAP! OH SH*T!" Foster's voice screamed.
"What?!" I yelled.
Foster's voice came back on, "I came back to look for you b*stards and then I heard a helicopter!"
"It's not ours!"
Steve and I looked at each other for a moment, "Oh crap."
Suddenly, a helicopter rose from behind the building.
We both looked up in horror as the helicopter shot a missile that barely missed us, blowing up a nearby tree.
We took off into the building and fond ourselves in the room that the President and his daughter were kept.
Then we saw it.
The note. There was  a note laying on the chair where the President sat, and it hadn't been there before, someone knew we would come back in here.
Steve picked it up and read it aloud,
Hello SCIT.
You are finding yourself in a very tricky predicament aren't you? Well, I can assure you, if you do come out of this alive, you will just be faced with an even greater challenge. We will not rest until you are all dead.
-The Stalker
"What the hell?" Scarecrow whispered.
I read it to myself quietly, "He said we, but then signed as one person..." I speculated.
"Yes, he must be the leader of the group..."
Suddenly, the roof exploded and rubble flew to the ground, some of it almost smashing us to bits. Then we looked up to meet almost eye to eye with the helicopter.
"Oh crap." I whispered.
The End

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