Scarecrow: In the zoneMature

I snuck down towards the base, Jagan beside me and Beth not far behind. I was in my zone now, the killzone.

Shadow, my new codename for the moment, seemed to fit perfectly as I flitted down towards the guards.

They didn't even notice me and Jagan sneak up behind them and then both of us grabbed our targets and snapped their neck. Gruesome, but necessary.

Using the guard's keycard, I opened the small door nearest me and slipped inside, the others following.

I could smell people everywhere, my senses were so alert and my anger flared as I heard a man laugh. How could he enjoy himself while poor tortured people were imprisoned near him? I gritted my teeth.

As soon as we rescued the president and his daughter I was going to go on a killing spree. I felt the rage rise up in me and I suppressed it. Not yet....not yet...

As we took out the guards in the hallways with stealth and speed I began to fantasise ripping them apart with my bare hands. No Crow...bad boy. I thought as I frantically clutched at the strands of my sanity I was trying so hard to keep hold of.

I giggled and Jagan and Beth looked at me strangely. I shrugged at them. "I'm fine." I signalled and they nodded. We continued up the hallway, peering into each room.

"I feel like I'm in HALO." I half laughed and Beth frowned at me. "I'm not cracking up again I swear." I held my hands up and she relaxed. "Mmmhh...kay." she muttered turning around.

Finally we reached  a door that required a keycard and I whipped it out and opened it. The President sat tied to a chair, his daughter Kristen lay in a heap on the floor and I rushed to check her vitals as Jagan freed the president and Beth kept watch at the door.

Kristen needed medical attention ASAP. I gently lifted the girl with one arm and clutched my gun tightly in the other. The President was able to walk and he stared at us in disbelief as we ushered him out the door and motioned to him to follow us.

We had just gotten outside and Beth radioed Foster. "This is Wolf, The Hunter and Shadow have the..."

"NO BETH STOP!" Jagan yelled and she looked up startled just as an alarm in the base went off.

"They're intercepting the radiowaves." I groaned as we heard shouts and feet approaching us. "Here," I gently handed Kristen over to Jagan and pushed everyone towards where Foster and Dani waited up on the hill. "Go!"

"But what about you?" Beth protested as I shoved her roughly forwards.

"I'm gonna take care of some business." I growled as I shouldered the M-16 and walked towards the shouting.

Beth called me frantically but she kept going up the hill to the others. "SHADOW!" she screamed but I ignored her.

"This is Sherlock to Shadow, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Foster's voice crackled over my headpiece.

"Having fun."

The End

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