Bethany: Falling With StyleMature

Honestly, what Jagan did in the plane was cheesy, corny, even, but I loved it. It was sweet and hilarious and unexpected. Helped to ease my tension, too. He was so sweet. I am so glad that we're together. Even though we've only known each other for a short time, it's great. You never know what may happen, so I'm living in the present right now.

And... what Foster had said about Crow and Dani made my jaw drop. Definitely NOT the time for that.

Drop time, and then we're flying, soaring through the predawn hours. After the initial shock of air pressure hit us, we tucked our arms in, and shot like arrows toward the ground. It was a dizzying experience. But a beautiful and yet scary one. It wasn't long before I heard Foster through my earpiece:


I stretched my arms and legs out to slow the descent.

"Altitude one thousand feet and closing. Be ready to deploy chutes in three... two... now!" 

Pulling the cord on my shoulder, my body was yanked to a stop. Ouch.

Foster led us down, Dani behind him, then Crow, me, and Jagan last.

I angled to the right and looked at the bunker. It was well concealed, but I knew where to look and it was right where it should have been. But that wasn't where we were heading now. Fighting gusts of wind, we set down in a semi-clearing on a plateau. I unhooked my chute and bundled it up, hiding the camo-covered canvas in a thick bush with the others. With the K11 that had been strapped to my back now in my hand, the shotgun in reserve, I approached the others and set off into the woods with them. We were a bona fide assault team, that was for sure, and we looked it as well in our thick military jumpsuits.

After we split up, Crow, Jagan, and I wasted no time to make to the ravine while Foster and Dani went up on a ridge to snipe.

I took a deep breath and followed the two men, watching our backs warily.

This was it, we were heading into enemy territory.

The End

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