Dani: HALO away we go!Mature

Well it has to be said. After that scene, I was pretty glad to be getting off the plane, even if it was via HALO jump. I know, we'd all laughed it off, but the majority of mine was nervous laughing. Even though we are all adults- maybe because we're all adults- the mention of sex is cringeworthy to say the least. Particularly when my loving father said it. Charming. Speaking of the devil, Dad came to check my parachute pack for the like hundreth time, repeating the rules of HALO.

'So remember, only until I give the signal at...'

'Low altitude, yes Dad. I get it.' I smiled to make up for my pretty snappy answer. Dad seemed to have forgotten that I also learnt all of this at uni. Then again, he only wanted to make sure I was safe and not nervous. And after the previous attempts on...well, everyone's lives these last few months, you could see why he would be on Over-Protective Father overload. As Dad went to check everything was still clear with everyone else- and probably berate Jagan some for his performance earlier- I turned to be met by Steve.


'Hey. Good luck out there.' I felt my cheeks redden. Not again...I quickly started rearranging my hair again.

'You too, Shadow.' I couldn't help smiling at the thought of codenames. It seemed to lighten the situation. Then again, we shouldn't be all light hearted. Like Dad had said (yelled) before, we were going to rescue the President and his daughter. The fate of the most politically important figure in the United States lay in our hands. I took a deep breath as I jumped from the plane, and scrunched up my eyes. Within a minute I had opened them again, to be met by the air which was rapidly whooshing past me, and biting despite the thick layers of suit I had on. The first hit of adrenaline made my nostrils flare in surprise: I wasn't expecting that. My whole body felt like it was pumping twice the amount of blood about, and that combined with the sudden temperature change made my head feel like it was about to explode with all the information surge. I stretched my arms slightly, as if to feel for something to hold onto.

Then after the intial rush of everything at once my body slowly started to...almost switch off. As if my brain had realised that there was no danger any more and had decided to relax. Except there was danger...But for the time being my mind wasn't going to register it. I felt a wave of calm wash over my senses. The cold air didn't feel so freezing as it had a minute ago...maybe I was just going numb. But it was nice. A nice kind of numb. Like...no. I won't say it. I can't.

Then again, better to relive it now than to relive it when I needed to really focus.

I couldn't help it, I always kept seeing that moment when his lips brushed my forehead and there had been the same rush of adrenaline, only more concentrated and more... it felt really good. Like...it was so hard to describe. It made me feel all giddy, like a first crush. I was in middle high all over again. But this time it wasn't awkward or a necessity, but more...well it just happened. More natural. Like my body's response to falling through the air. I felt serene, as if everything was right in the world. Which, for me, it was. I was lucky. And I was all the luckier to be helping, saving people who weren't so fortunate.

Wow. This HALO jump was giving me another of my near-epiphanies. I felt ready to tackle anything. Especially with this team: we weren't ones to go quietly.

The End

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