Jagan: Not the time...Mature

We were on the plane so fast, I didn't even realize I was sitting by Beth until we were in the air.

"Hey Beth."


I sighed, "You're still mad at me?"

"Kind of."

"Come on, please forgive me. I don't want you to be mad at me."

"Yeah I can tell."

A smile crept across my face, "Have you ever heard me sing?"

Beth looked at me with a very confused expression, "Not the time to be serenading me with love songs."

"Come on, I've been wanting to do this since the first day we met." I was almost whining.

Bethany, I could tell, was enjoying this whiny sound, "Fine, fine. Sing your song."

And with that, I pressed a button on my arm rest, and the radio lowered down from the roof. I pushed a button and it started to play a song, the song, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by The Police. I began to sing with the song, and I kept playing with her hair while I did it.

Bethany looked like she was going to laugh her head off. One, because my singing is a little premature, two, because I was dancing in my seat, and three, I must be older than she thought if I've heard that song before.

"JAGAN! Turn that music off!" Foster yelled.

"Sorry. I just hate that, silence before the battle, stuff."

"Not the time for your jokes, Cover."

I turned off the radio and it lifted up.

Bethany was giggling like crazy. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and said, "I love you."

"I love you too." she said quietly.

Suddenly, Steve's head peeked out from behind the seats in front of us, "I heard that." he laughed.

I'd never seen Steve in such a good mood, probably cause he knew we were about to kick some Korean butt.

Instantly, Foster was standing over me, "What is wrong with you?! Do you not understand where we're going!? Right now we're going to go and try to save the President and his daughter! We aren't going to a tea party. WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE THE UNITED STATES FROM A TRAGEDY! And all you guys can do is laugh and tease each other." Foster looked at Crow, anger burning in his eyes, "If you want to have sex with my daughter, fine by me, as long as it's consensual and it's after this mission!"

All of our mouths were open, even Dani's.

Foster stomped to the back of the plane and slumped in his chair.

There was silence for a moment.

Till Foster began to laugh, hard. I guess he was tickled by what he had said to us, and to Crow.

Then everyone let out a long, cheerful laughter that lasted a while.

Well, until the pilot said, "We're reaching destination, prepare for drop."

I held my breath, "Oh crap."

The End

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