Dani: until 3am.Mature

I looked at the phone, a little dismayed. Did he just hang up on me...? I shook my head and tried to dial Jagan's number, but was met with no response. He was probably still hot on the case of whatever had happened in the hospital. We had some difficulties on our hands...like the fact that people seemed pretty desperate to kill Steve lately. And the fact that I had ten hours to convince Steve, who was still acting funny since the incident, to get out of bed and back into the right mindset to do combat. Actually, any mindset would do right now so long as it wasn't his current condition...

I walked into the room where he was lying there asleep. Nobody made any attempt to stop me- after the frequency of my visits I deserved my own revolving door. I took my usual seat at the bedside and tried to resist the urge to take his hand in mine. No such luck. I clasped his hand and willed him to wake up and be back to normal. Whatever the hell those sick b*stards had done had really scarred him. It made me shudder to think...so I didn't. I didn't tell him about Beth either: okay so Steve was unconscious, but they say that people still take in the information. Somehow Beth's disappearance didn't strike me as a factor to help Steve out of the...I refused to say insanity. Because insanity implied he wouldn't recover. And I knew that he would.

'Hi.' I spoke out into the silence, watching his face for any recognition of my voice. My heart raced when his mouth twitched...but it was just a twitch. I sighed. 'God I feel stupid talking to an unconsious person in a hospital bed...not that I'm saying you're stupid! Oh God.' I used my other hand to push the hair from my face. 'Now I've reverted to my backtracking again. The last time I stumbled over all my words like that was in...eleventh grade. He was called Tommy Spencer. You'd think I would have learnt by now.' I looked to the clock on the wall. It was half five. We had until three. That was only..not very long. I turned again, feeling a little like pleading now. 'Come on Steve. Wake up, please. Just give me a sign.. You have to get up- we need to save Fullman and Kristen. Get up for them.' No answer.

'Or if not for them...your sister needs you, Steve. You can't just bail out on her now, or Jagan. You know, I think he only tiptoes around you out of admiration. I mean, the Beth thing too, but it goes deeper than that. He saved your life just a minute ago, remember? Please... And not only Beth needs you. All of us do.' I tried to lighten the mood. 'If you don't come back Dad will feel really old, with all of us rookies...I mean, you aren't old. You don't look old anyway-I mean. Ohhh, you know what I mean. Sometimes-' no, come on Dani. Don't. Stay professional.

But a part of me wanted to...it would be for the sake of the team.

'Steve, don't make me admit it. Don't make me admit that I need you more than anyone else. Because you know that I...'

His eyes flickered and I stopped, staring dumbly. I waited for the screams, the whimpers. I was expecting him to look behind my shoulder like he usually does and just yell and yell. But this time...

'Hey Steve.' I smiled and I thought I saw a weak reflection in his face. 'We're all going to get the President and his daughter back at 3am. It's eleven ten now: what do you say?'

The End

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