Jagan: I should have been a psychiatrist.Mature

I walked down the hallway towards Scarecrow's room. I had to. I mean, I felt pretty responsible. I stopped a doctor who was walking out of Crow's room, "I'm here to see Steve West?"

"I'm sorry, Steve West is in critical condition, I'm afraid I cannot let anyone in."

I flipped out my badge, "Jagan Cover, from the Special Crimes Investigation Team. Steve's my colleague, I can handle him." I said in the most professional voice I had ever used.

"I'm sorry, right this way." he said, gesturing for me to enter the room.

I thanked him and walked in to see Steve screaming.

I flipped out my gun and rounded the corner cautiously. There was a doctor walking towards Scarecrow, holding a needle, "DROP IT!" I yelled.

The doctor seemed very startled and set the capsule back on the desk.

"Get down on the ground and put your hands out in front of you!" I said angrily.

The doctor was very confused but did as I said.

I handcuffed his hands and then pulled him very close to my face, "What's wrong with you?!"

"I-I-I don't under-"

"How dare you?! Didn't you read your papers?! Steve is in critical condition! You can't just come in here, pick up a large needle and walk towards him! Any doctor would know that!"

"I'm sorry, and who are you?" the doctor asked.

I backhanded him as hard as I could, "Am I right?!"

The doctor looked very scared, he was sweating like a pig.

"You piece of crap I'm going to beat you till you die!"

I tossed him into the desk. The doctor started to scream, but I had my hand over his mouth too soon, "You're going to die unless you tell me who you are."

"You can't do this," he said, his voice all distorted since my hand was over his mouth, "you're a cop!"

My eyes got wide, "How did you know I was a cop?"

The doctor stuttered, "I didn't I just-"

I lifted him off the ground, "Who are you?! Who are you working for?!"

"The building! I'm a doctor!"

"Really?" I asked, throwing him down on the ground.

I could tell the doctor was tired of being tossed around, but that didn't stop me.

I took out my gun and pointed it at the doctor, "Steve's my friend and I will do anything necessary to keep him sane. Even if it means I have to take your life..."

The doctor quivered in horror as I stood over him, looking quite intimidating.

"Okay, okay! I'm not a doctor! I'm not a doctor! I work for those b*stards that kidnapped that little girl and his dad."

I looked very angrily into his eyes, "I'm going to kill you."

"No, no! I can tell you more!"

"Where are they? Where are they?!"

"I can't tell you that, they'll kill-"

That word set me off, I had my gun to his head in that instant, "Goodbye doc."

"NO!" he took a deep breath, tears starting to surface, "They'll kill my wife and kids!"

"So they threatened you so you'd kill Scarecrow?"

"Yes." he said, choking on his tears.

"You wanna live?" I asked, getting an idea in my head.


"Then stay where you are and don't move." I said as I turned around to meet another doctor eye to eye.

The doctor backed up and then began to run.

"Darn it." I spit as I took off after him. I could tell this guy wasn't looking for help for that doctor, he was just a spectator. I remembered that the so-called doctor wasn't wearing gloves, so I realized that those dang Koreans were trying to frame him for murder.

I was starting to catch up, so I flipped out my phone and phoned Beth, "Pick up, pick up." I yelled as I continued to run.



"No this is Dani."

"Dani, where's Beth?"

"I don't know, she said she had a hunch and then she took off."

"What?!" a feeling of fright came over me, "They're going to take her too! Send Foster after her! NOW!"

"Okay, okay! But what's happening over there?!"

"Dani where are you?" I asked, ignoring her last question.

I rounded the corner as she replied, "I'm outside the hotel, you?"

"Hospital, I'm chasing one."

"One what?"

"Korean kidnapper people." I said, not sure what to call them, "Dani get over here, I can't catch him by myself, he had a headstart." I said while taking a breath.

"I'm sure you're just slower than him." Dani joked.

"Not the time Dani!" I said, "But man are you making me feel competitive."

"On my way." she said.

I hung up and put my full focus on catching that miserable little sadist.

That evil man dove right taking off towards the parking lot.

I was getting closer to him and closer, secretly thinking about if Beth was okay or not.

I caught up to the Korean just in time to grab him by the shoulder, spin him around and punch him so hard that three teeth came out.

The Korean hit the side of a car and slid down it, almost unconscious.

I took out my gun and pointed it at him, "I should have just shot you, that would have saved me some energy." I sighed, taking short deep breaths.

I should have been a psychiatrist. I thought to myself.


The End

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