Dani: shooting for the soul.Mature

It's amazing how therapeutic shooting is. Each shot meant something different, another thing that was becoming unbearable. One for Seug, that sick sick man. Another for him, he deserved to die. I never thought I would think that of anyone but that man...well. I didn't want to admit it. But I would be proud to pull that trigger. One for those damn snipers. It was starting to get really not funny. One for...no, no not one for Steve because nothing is happening. And he is not unbearable...no wait, I didn't mean it in that way! I meant...I don't know. Shot shot shot. There, now he is not in my thoughts any more. Oh, damnit! One for when he said that cheesy line...heehee. Wait. I did not just giggle at the line. One because I just giggled at one of the corniest lines ever. One because I still thinking about this and my dad is right here! One because now I feel sixteen again. Great.

'Are you alright?' Dad asked, a little concerned for the fact that I had exhausted all of my bullets in a matter of seconds. I turned to him. My face felt red. God, Dani! You are nearly twenty-two years old, stop acting like a little girl!

'Yeh, yeh I'm fine.' I took my hand to my forehead instinctively, brushing my hair in front of my face, in some sort of shield mechanism. The good thing about Dad is that he doesn't recognise all of my small tendencies- yet. Still, for now it made me feel better. Jagan ran in and I sighed inwardly at the loss of a "bonding". I mean, I was all for the family stuff, but I did not want to be asked about my relationships because I am an adult and that would be weird.

'Beth's found a signal-' he was panting. Understandable if he had ran all the way here. We both stepped forward, and I saw a glint in Dad's eyes identical to mine. Haha, an inherited need to kick Korean ass. Jagan gained his breath and continued. 'Co-ordinates seem to show northern Korea...mountains.'

He and Dad started back to the war room. I hesitated. 'Just a minute' I called to them as I walked and picked up the gun one last time. I leveled it to the bullseye of the target, then shot abruptly straight through the centre.

'That one is for Kristen. Because you know what? Whatever horrible, dispicable-' I stopped, feeling sick. I swallowed and continued after a minute. 'Whatever you do to her, she is a strong woman, and better than all of you put together. She deserves to live. And boy, are you going to know.'

The End

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