Jagan: Success?Mature

I said nothing as we all loaded into the helicopter. Foster was just letting everyone know that the mission had to go on, we still had no clues where the President and his daughter were. I looked over at Steve who was laying unconscious against the helicopter wall.

I sighed.

Suddenly, a hand came across my face and slapped me. I looked up to see Beth, madder than I had ever seen her, "You miserable sadist!" she whispered angrily.

I blinked a couple of times, "What?"

"You know what I'm talking about!"

"Bethany, he needed to talk."

She slapped me again, "You knew it would put him in shock, people always go in shock when they talk about wars they've been in!"

"Beth, hear me out."

"NO!" her voice got louder to the point of screaming. She brought her hand at me to slap me again but I caught it.

"My dad was in the military too!" I said angrily.

Bethany stopped struggling to get free and just stared at me, "What?"

"Vietnam! He was in the Vietnam war!"

Bethany said nothing.

"He saw things too, crazy, brutal things."

"I don't understand-"

"He killed himself. He got back and wouldn't talk to anyone, he just kept those feelings bottled up inside himself, and one day he couldn't take it and killed himself. He left his family alone! I was all alone. My mother didn't care about me. Not at all! I was all alone and I didn't know what to do. I could do nothing but blame myself all those years, that I didn't talk to him about his past. I mean sure, it would have put him in shock. But at least he would've gotten those feelings out!"

Suddenly, Beth's arms were around me and she kissed me solemnly. I rested my head against her shoulder and tears started streaming down my cheeks, "I think Steve needs to see a psychologist." I whispered.

"Yeah right." she whispered, "Steve wouldn't go for that."

"You forget, I have an AK-47." I joked. My face became more serious, "You still mad at me?"

"Yes. You're a miserable sadist. But man do I love you." she kissed me again, this time for much longer.

Sweet success... I thought to myself, pushing the thoughts of my father out of my head. I sighed, and looked out at the day, Man, things sure look brighter.

As we reached the city, I knew, we were going to find the President and his daughter. We were.

The End

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