Bethany: The Mole?Mature

"Dani! Beth! Get him!" Foster yelled, and I lunged.

They always give themselves away.

All of us ran down the hall after the man. He rounded a corner and slammed through a door. Down another hallway and into the first open door when that one was a dead-end. A woman screamed. I drew my gun mid stride and followed, everyone with me.

I could hear that same woman whimpering. Great. A hostage situation? The Korean man held her around the neck, and his pistol was jammed into her temple.

"Please," she bid us with tears running down her cheeks.

"Shut up!" He yelled at her and brought the gun closer. She let out one last cry and was silent. I examined the captor; he was pouring sweat and his hands were shaking. Not a very good mole-- if he even was the one we were looking for. But then, he still wasn't a very good soldier. "I-I'll kill her! I w-will!" He stuttered.

His eyes darted between us, all our weapons were drawn and well-aimed. Even Jung's men and Kim.

Dani was the sweet voice of negotiation. "What do you want? Why were you running?" He didn't answer. "What wrong have you done for it to come to this?"

He shifted his stance.

"Surely you know you're trapped, mate," Foster said, his gun never wavering. "Look at us, count the guns. You're sorely outnumbered. You kill her, we kill you. You don't have a chance..."

The man swallowed heavily. "We can work this out," I offered. "You don't have to die today. Just put the gun down, let her go... No one has to die today."

His knees were knocking. I knew that he was considering it. The gun dropped at his feet and the woman crumpled to the ground.

"That's a good man," Foster was saying, "Now, just put your hands behind your head and walk slowly to me." He obeyed.

Got him in cuffs and pulled him from the room. Dani bent to check the poor woman.

Well, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't the mole, but then, he wasn't working for Jung either.

Interrogation time.

The End

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