Foster : The War RoomMature

The man was dressed officially in a dark suit with the chips of military service on his shoulder. He had a convoy of soldiers with him, some dressed in suits also, some in concrete grey urban camo fatigues and helmets. They were armed too, some carrying M16s others imported SAR rifles. These guys meant business, and there were a lot of them. They hustled us into the back of a black sedan with tinted windows. Cliche but effective. He got into the front of the car with the driver and we moved off followed by the rest of the convoy. We cruised through the streets surrounded by skyscrapers, a landscape of concrete and steel wreathed in a dismal mist. I didn't like this. Beth and Dani were looking to me, the leader to take action. I'd have to chance my hand.

"Hey, mate, who are you and where are you taking us?" I was surprised at the answer I got.

"Do not be alarmed Mr. Lewis. I am from Minister Jung's war council. We are taking you to our base of operations."

He turned back in his seat and the back of his head seemed to offer no chance for extended conversation. I had no idea if he was trustworthy or not. He could have just lied straight to my face and be taking us to the slaughterhouse. I had no choice but to buy it though. I looked to the others who glanced back at me worriedly. They weren't sure what to think either.

Soon enough the car pulled up in front of a big concrete block set slight apart from the others. It was unremarkable except for a small official seal by the double doors. The man who we'd ridden with led us in as we were followed by his squad of commandos. He took us through a maze of corridors and staircases all going down. We marched through concrete tunnels bathed in a red glow, meeting security doors at every turn. Code locks, biometric scanners, secret keys, they had the lot down here. They had to have some major enemies or keep out or major secrets to keep in. Probably both. We reached a thick, wide steel door with the North Korean crest on it and he pressed his hand into a palm scanner then stood aside and saluted.

"We welcome S.C.I.T. Please enter the war room."

The huge door slid away and before us lay a huge bank of consoles, computers, screens and databses, all packed with tactical information, technical readouts and reconnaissance intel. Minister Jung himself came over to greet us. He was dressed in boots and the same urban style camouflage as the soldiers outside. He had a lot more badges on his shoulder and beret than they did though.

"Mr. Lewis, SCIT, welcome. I am sorry for the reception you had on your way, but it is imperative we maintain some secrecy about our location. The man who brought you here is one of my men, Commander Kim. He is a brusque man but very trustworthy and an excellent soldier. He has served me for a very long time."

"Speaking of trustworthy men, minister, we believe you have an information leak supplying us with false intel. Two of our team were shot down not long ago due to this and we fear for your safety if the mole remains undiscovered."

"Do not worry, we can send Kim and his squad with you immediately to recover your men. We can regroup back here later to talk about that and also discuss the plan for assaulting the terrorist base and recovering the president and his daughter."

I smiled at him. He understood how I valued my men. Now I knew he valued his men too. He wouldn't betray them or us no matter what. Just then I noticed out of the corner of my eye a mission controller. He was looking a lot more nervous than the others. Kept mopping his glassed with his sleeve. I turned towards him and inspected him more thoroughly. He glanced back at me as if stung by my gaze.

"Hey you-"

He leapt up and started running.

"Dani! Beth! Get him!"

Everyone was moving. Me, Beth, Dani, Kim, and Jung all dashed for the traitor as he made his desperate escape.

The End

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